09.04.2007 Sven had a reception in his hometown Schmalkalden on Mach 28th. He planted a lime-tree at this event. Here are the pictures.
French Julien Robert and Christelle Gros retired from biathlon aswell, wereas Ludwig Gredler retired from his retirement for one more season.
18.03.2007 Today the biathlon season for 2006/2007 came to an end. We had really thrilling mass start competitions at the World Cup final. In the women's race the decision was made whether Anna Carin Olofsson, Kati Wilhlem or Andrea Henkel would win the overall World Cup. All 3 athletes had great shooting problems, Henkel even had 5 misses in her first shooting. In the end, she was the best of the three (15th Andrea Henkel, 17th Kati Wilhelm, 20th Anna Carin Olofsson) and took the Cup. Helena Jonsson won the race ahead of  Oksana Khvostenko and Kathrin Hitzer. The men's race was thrilling aswell, though it was sure that Michael Greis was the winner of the overall World Cup since yesterday's competition. So both Cups go to Germany this year. Ivan Tcherezov achieved the victory of the mass start, Michael Greis became 2nd, Sven finished 3rd. So he ended this season on the rostrom, even though he didn't win a race. He took 6th place in the overall World Cup. Look here for further results...
Rather a lot of athletes quit their career now apart from the Germans Katrin Apel and Ricco Groß. Florence Baverel-Robert, Ludwig Gredler, Willi Pallhuber and Sergej Tchepikov retire aswell, Linda Grubben and Raphaël Poirée had already said "good-bye" during the saison. And what about Sven? Will he continue? I don't join speculations in public, I'm waiting until he announces his decision. Everything's possible...
17.03.2007 Magdalena Neuner was the winner of the women's pursuit today ahead of Anna Carin Olofsson and Andrea Henkel. In the men's pursuit won Maxim Tchoudov, whereas Björn Ferry and Stian Eckhoff took places 2 and 3. Sven came in 11th. Here are the results...
15.03.2007 Magdalena Neuner and Michael Roesch won the sprint races of  Khanty Mansiysk today. Congratulations to the two youngsters! Sven became 6th. The decision about the overall World Cup is postponed. Look here for further results...
14.03.2007 The biathletes finally arrived at the last venue of the actual season, in Sibirian Khanty Mansiysk. The sprint competitions of men and women will take place tomorrow. The German team is the same as it was at Holmenkollen, apart from one athlete: Ricco Gross joined the team for his very last World Cup races. Sven has start number 36.
11.03.2007 It was the day of the mass start competitions at Holmenkollen. Magdalena Neuner achieved her 5th victory of the saison, Kathrin Hitzer became 2nd, it was her best ever result in her career. Ekaterina Iourieva took 3rd place. The men's race was a special one: it was Raphaël Poirée's last World Cup race and he nearly won it. But Ole Einar Bjørndalen finished 0,1 sec ahead of Poirée. In German we have a special term for such athletes: we call them cannibals... Sven finished 3rd and was annoyed because of an unfair attack of Bjørndalen on the last leg in the stadium on the verge of the finishing line. Here are the results...
10.03.2007 Another triple victory for the German women in today's pursuit:  Magdalena Neuner ahead of Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the men's race due to faultless shooting. Raphaël Poirée and Michael Greis took places 2 and 3. Sven also shot clean and came in 9th. He now takes 7th place in the overall World Cup ranking. Here are further results...
08.03.2007 Andrea Henkel won the women's sprint today, Magdalena Neuner also achieved a place on the rostrum, she became 3rd. Ekaterina Iourieva took 2nd place. The men had an individual competition, Raphaël Poirée was the winner again, Michael Greis finished 2nd, Dmitri Iarochenko 3rd. Sven took 19th place in Oslo's soft and deep snow. Alexander Wolf became ill, he had to return to Germany. Look here for further results...
07.03.2007 The World Cup has arrived in Oslo. Tomorrow there will be a sprint competiton (women) and an individual race (men) at Holmenkollen. This is the line-up of the German team: Jenny Adler, Katrin Apel, Simone Denkinger, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Kathrin Hitzer, Magdalena Neuner, Ute Niziak, Kati Wilhelm for the women's team, Andreas Birnbacher, Sven, Daniel Graf, Michael Greis, Carsten Pump, Michael Roesch, Christoph Stephan, Alexander Wolf and Joern Wollschlaeger for the men. Sven has startnumber 7.
04.03.2007 The German athletes were rather sucessfull in the pursuit competitions today. Martina Glagow won the women's race ahead of Kati Wilhelm and Kathrin Hitzer (it was her first podium), the men's winner was Raphaël Poirée again, but Michael Greis and Sven took places 2 and 3. Look here for further results...
03.03.2007 Double victory for the German women in yesterday's sprint race: Martina Glagow ahead of Kati Wilhelm and Ekaterina Iourieva. Andrea Henkel, Kathrin Hitzer and Simone Denkinger all came in in the top 8. The men's sprint winner is Raphaël Poirée, the 2 young Norwegians Alexander Os and Hans Martin Gjedrem took places 2 and 3. Michael Greis, Sven and Michael Rösch came in 5th, 6th and 7th. Ricco Gross had to quit the 20 km due to health reasons. He already returned home. Maybe it was the last time, we saw him in a World Cup competition. Here are further results...
01.03.2007 2 French won the last 20 km competition of the season: Raphaël Poirée ahead of Simone Fourcade and Alexander Wolf. Sven became 12th, Michael Greis took the yellow bib, because Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Lars Berger stay at the Nordic WCHs in Japan. Look here for further results...
28.02.2007 The short training- and rest period after the WCHs is over, the women had their first competition in Lahti today. Andrea Henkel won the 15 km, Florence Baverel-Robert became 2nd, Kati Wilhelm 3rd. Magdalena Neuner and Kathrin Hitzer also finished in the top 10. Here are further results...
These are the German athletes starting tomorrow: Sven (start number 30), Michael Greis, Ricco Groß, Michael Roesch, Christoph Stephan, Alexander Wolf and Jörn Wollschläger. Andreas Birnbacher was ill recently and just started training again. He will join the team in Oslo.
Congratulations to Lars Berger: he became cross country World Champion in Sapporo today.
26.02.2007 Katrin Apel will quit her career after his season. She took this decision because of repetitiv health problems.
11.02.2007 On the WCH's final day, the German relay won the gold medal, France won silver, Norway took bronze. After the competition Linda Grubben announced her retirement from sports from now on, which will be a great loss for the Norwegian women's team. Michael Greis became mass start World Champion, Andreas Birnbacher took the vize title, Raphaël Poirée won the bronze medal. Sven finished 5th. Look here for further results...
10.02.2007 Bronze medal for the German men's relay team. Despite of 2 penalty loops by Ricco Gross and Michael Roesch they made it on the podium. Sven even skiied fastest on his leg. The Russian relay won due to great shooting, Norway took silver. In the women's mass start there were 3 German women on the rostrum: Andrea Henkel became World Champion, Martina Glagow took silver, Kati Wilhelm won bronze. Here are further results...
09.02.2007 The German men's relay starts (as supposed) in the following line-up: Ricco Groß, Michael Rösch, Sven, Michael Greis. The women's mass start will take place tomorrow aswell. These are the German participants: Magdalena Neuner, Martina Glagow, Kati Wilhelm and Andrea Henkel.
08.02.2007 Kati Wilhelm had to quit her competition yesterday due to stomach pain, Andreas Birnbacher had to cancel his start in the mixed relay due to the same reason today. Michael Greis took his place. Sweden with Helena Jonsson, Anna Carin Olofsson, Björn Ferry and Carl Johan Bergman won the gold medal, France took silver, Norway got bronze. The German team finished 5th. Look here for more detailed results...
07.02.2007 Another medal for the German women biathletes: Martina Glagow won bronze in the 15 km. Congratulations! Linda Grubben took gold, Florence Baverel-Robert silver. - The mixed relay will take place tomorrow, for the first time within the World Championships. This is the line-up for Germany: Kathrin Hitzer, Simone Denkinger, Andreas Birnbacher and Alexander Wolf. By the way: after his World Champion titel yesterday Raphaël Poirée announced, that he will quit his career after the season. - Here are today's results.
06.02.2007 Silver medal for Michael Greis in the men's indivudual competition. Congratulations! Raphaël Poirée won the gold medal, Michal Slesingr took bronze. Sven had 3 misses and finished only 20th. Ole Einar Bjørndalen hadn't his best day either: he missed 6 targets and came in 32nd. Click here for the results...
05.02.2007 The men's 20km race will take place tomorrow. This is, where Ricco Gross will have his first performance in this years WCHs, Michael Roesch won't compete. Sven has start number 16. Magdalena Neuner will not start in the women's individual on Wednesday. Kathrin Hitzer - as announced before - will take her place in that competition.
04.02.2007 As I supposed, it was the problems with the high altitude conditions, which lead to Sven's bad result yesterday. It was much better today, he improved from 43rd to 18th place. Sven was the only athlete shooting clean today and his skiing was very good either. Ole Einar Bjørndalen took his next World Champion title in the pursuit, Maxim Tchoudov got silver, Vincent Defrasne won the bronze medal. Michael Roesch became best German, he finished 10th. In the women's race Magdalena Neuner won her 2nd gold medal, Linda Grubben is the silver medalist, Anna Carin Olofsson took bronze. Look here for further results...
03.02.2007 Young Magdalena Neuner ist the new sprint World Champion! Congratulations! It is the first WCHs the 19 year old takes part in. Kati Wilhelm took 7th place, not bad for the coming pursuit. The German men didn't do well today. Alexander Wolf was best German, he took 15th place. Sven had a really bad start into the WCHs, he became 43rd. His 3 faults can't be the only reason for that, but unfortunately I'm not in Anterselva, so I can't tell you, what really happened. Maybe he can't cope with the high altitude conditions yet, despite of his efforts to get used to it (he even didn't go home after Pokljuka, but started to Ridnaun immediately, which has high altitude level aswell). Ole Einar Bjørndalen became World Champion, Czech Michal Slesingr won silver, Ukrainian Andriy Deryzemlya took the bronze medal. Here are further results...
02.02.2007 Tonight Romano Prodi will declare the biathlon World Championships in Antholz / Anterselva open. The sprint competitions will take place tomorrow, Sven has start number 6.
31.01.2007 Simone Denkinger will complete the women's team in the World Championships in Anterselva. She won the test competitions against Katrin Apel.
29.01.2007 The Anterselva World Championships are only a few days ahead of us. At the moment the German athletes are on their final trainingscamp in Ridnaun. Sven regained his health, he will start in the sprint competition on Saturday. Due to his Olympic gold medal he is the additional starter in the sprint. The German coaches have already decided who will compete in the sprint races. Apart from Sven, the men's starters are: Andreas Birnbacher, Michael Greis, Michael Rösch and Alexander Wolf. Ricco Groß will compete in the 20 km. Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Magdalena Neuner and Kati Wilhelm are the women starters. Kathrin Hitzer shall start in the 15 km. It has not yet been decided, whether Katrin Apel or Simone Denkinger will be the 6th starter of the German women's team.
21.01.2007 If you saw the race yesterday, you might not be surprised to hear that Sven isn't healthy and couldn't take part in today's mass start. We have to hope that the remaining time until the World Championships is time enough to get healthy and fit enough. - These are today's results: Oksana Khvostenko won ahead of Kati Wilhelm and Tatjana Brankovic, the  men's winners are Christoph Sumann, 2nd Vincent Defrasne, 3rd Andreas Birnbacher. Kati Wilhelm and Michael Greis wear the yellow bib now. Here are further results...
20.01.2007 A few days ago it was nice and cold in Pokljuka, meanwhile the temperatures unlike winter arrived here aswell. Yesterday the women's pursuit took place at about +17°C. Kati Wilhelm won ahead of  Tatjana Moiseeva and Natalja Sokolova. At the men's pursuit today it wasn't that warm, but the track was soft, deep and dirty. Christoph Sumann was the winner today, Alexander Wolf took 2nd place, Vincent Defrasne became 3rd because Nikolaj Kruglov got a 2 min penalty (he missed one penalty loop). Sven became 7th. Look here for further results...
17.01.2007 Anna Carin Olofsson won the sprint of Pokljuka today. Tatjana Moiseeva became 2nd, Kati Wilhelm 3rd. Andrea Henkel and Martina Glagow are still ill. Look here for furtheer results...
Sven has start number 7 in tomorrow's race. The Norwegian teams will compete without Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Lars Berger.
16.01.2007 Yesterday Uschi Disl gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Hanna Ursula.
14.01.2007 The first mass starts of season took place today. Anna Carin Olofsson was the women's winner ahead of Kati Wilhelm and Lind Grubben. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the men's competition, Emil Hegle Svendsen became 2nd, Christoph Sumann was 3rd. Sven came in 18th. Here are further results...
13.01.2007 Things didn't work out very well for Sven today. He came in 43rd in the sprint race, but fortunately we have a mass start competition tomorrow and not a pursuit, so in tomorrow's race he can start anew. On the rostrum: 3 Norwegians. Ole Einar Bjørndalen ahead of Halvard Hanevold and Emil Hegle Svendsen. Andreas Birnbacher was best German (10th). Click here for further results..
12.01.2007 Today was the day of the women's sprint in Ruhpolding. Sandrine Bailly was the winner ahead of Anna Carin Olofsson and Florence Baverele-Robert. Kathrin Hitzer became best German (placed 7th) though she didn't feel well. Here are further results...
Sven will compete in the men's sprint tomorrow (startnumber 7).
11.01.2007 The Norwegian team won the relay competition of Ruhpolding today. Russia came in 2nd, Germany with it's unusual line-up finished 3rd. Raphaël Poirée was part of the French team again. Yesterday he became father of little daughter Anna. Look here for detailed results...
10.01.2007 The German women's relay became 2nd in Ruhpolding (no snow aswell!) today. Russia won, France came in 3rd. Martina Glagow and Andrea Henkel didn't start because of a cold, so Kathrin Hitzer, Magdalena Neuner, Simone Denkinger and Kati Wilhelm was the German team today. Look here for the results...
The line-up for the men's relay tomorrow is a bit unusual too: Ricco Groß, Michael Rösch, Andreas Birnbacher and Alexander Wolf. Michael Greis has a light cold, Sven cannot start due to his injury. He wants to compete in the sprint race though.
07.01.2007 The pursuit competitions could take place despite of the desperate snow and weather condititions in Oberhof. Nikolaj Kruglov won the race ahead of Dmitri Iarochenko and Maxim Tchoudov.  Andreas Birnbacher placed 6th was best German. In the women's race Linda Grubben won. Sandrine Bailly became 2nd and Magdalena Neuner 3rd. Here are more results..
07.01.2007 Sven's x-ray confirmed, that he has no rip-fracture. He thinks, that he will be able to compete in Ruhpolding next week.
06.01.2007 Update about Sven's injury: he fell on his right shoulder and bruised his rips painfully, that's what it looks like at least. Eventually he will be x-rayed later on.
06.01.2007 Sven started with a handicap in today's sprint. He had fallen during the warm-up and hurt himself. After all he became 62nd and won't be able to compete in the pursuit (which might be better anyway). Nikolaj Kruglov won the race ahead of Michael Greis and Rene Laurent Vuillermoz. Look here for further results. 
Please notice: tomorrow the men's pursuit will take place before the women's!!! 
05.01.2007 Sven has start number 12 for tomorrow's sprint race. All the athletes who had to opportunity chose the 1st start group, because the track goes worse with every starter.
If you are interested, have a look on a few pictures from Oberhof.
05.01.2007 German triple victory in the women's sprint today. Despite of 2 penalties Magdalena Neuer won the first World Cup of her career. Andrea Henkel and Martina Glagow took places 2 and 3. Look here for further results...
04.01.2007 Russias men took the relay victory today because of very good shooting. Sven shot clear and was able to exchange first on his leg, the Germans finally became 2nd. Norway took 3rd place, more than 2 min behind. The conditions were very hard today, due to the snow which was produced out of crushed ice and due to the wind. Only 3 out of 22 relay teams were free of penalties.Here are the results...
03.01.2007 France won the women's relay of Oberhof. After a thrilling last shooting, when both Sandrine Bailly and Kati Wilhelm shot 2 penalties, Bailly took her chance and finished first. The Chinese women achieved the rostrum for the first time, they became 3rd.  Here are further results...
03.01.2007 Frank Ullrich announced the line-up for tomorrow's men's relay: Michael Roesch, Sven, Andreas Birnbacher and Michael Greis are the starters.
03.01.2007 Now that the World Cup is going to start it began to snow in Oberhof, so it looks like winter, even beneath the track. It's not really cold though. Kathrin Apel will not able to compete in Oberhof, Simone Denkinger was nominated instead of her. Raphaël Poirée won't compete in Oberhof either. He stays with his wife Liv Grete, who will give birth to their second child soon.
This is the line-up for the German women's relay: Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Kathrin Hitzer and Kati Wilhelm.
31.12.2006 Here you finde the results of the Biathlon World Team Challenge in Gelsenkirchen.
28.12.2006 Changes in the German squad before the Oberhof World Cup. Carsten Pump will replace Robert Wick, Sabrina Buchholz comes for Simone Denkinger. Wick and Denkinger are going to start in the European Cup for the time being. - Andreas Birnbacher and Katrin Apel cancelled their participation in the Biathlon-auf-Schalke-event because of a cold. Kathrin Hitzer and Robert Wick will take part for them.
26.12.2006 On Dec 30th 2006 the biathlon event in Gelsenkirchen takes place again. Sven won't participate, as he didn't the years before. Hier are the athletes taking part in the event:
Linda Grubben / Ole Einar Bjørndalen (Norwegen)
Martina Glagow / Michael Greis (Deutschland)
Kati Wilhelm / Ricco Groß (Deutschland)
Florence Baverel-Robert / Julien Robert (Frankreich)
Anna Bogali / Dmitri Iarochenko (Russland)
Tora Berger / Halvard Hanevold (Norwegen)
Sylvie Becaert /Vincent Defrasne (Frankreich)
Andrea Henkel / Alexander Wolf (Deutschland)
Simone Denkinger / Andreas Birnbacher (Deutschland)
Magdalena Neuner / Michael Rösch (Deutschland)
Katrin Apel / Daniel Graf (Deutschland)
Michela Ponza / Rene Laurent Vuillermoz (Italien)
Here are further informations.
17.12.2006 Two biathletes won the prize "Sportsmen of the Year 2006" in Germany. The sports journalists mostly voted for Kati Wilhelm and Michael Greis. Ole Einar Bjørndalen (who had a cross country competition today) came to Baden-Baden to hand over the prize to Michael. The German men relay team won the 3rd prize as "Team of the Year".
17.12.2006 The last World Cup competitions of this year were the women's and men's relays in Hochfilzen today. The French women won this race ahead of Russia and China. Germany became 4th due to 3 penalty loops. Winner of the men's relay was Norway. Russia became 2nd, Germany 3rd. Click here for more detailed results...
16.12.2006 In this week's second sprint, Sven managed a place on the rostrum today. He became 3rd behind Raphaël Poirée and Michael Rösch. Michael Greis took 9th place and the yellow bib. - Not only in the men's but also in the women's race we had a "French comeback".  Sandrine Bailly was 2nd behind Anna Carin Olofsson and ahead of Andrea Henkel. Look here for further results...
14.12.2006 Michael Greis was the winner of first men's sprint. Maxim Tchoudov and Swede Björn Ferry became 2nd and 3rd, Sven was 6th. Ole Einar Bjørndalen didn't compete. Look here for more results...
13.12.2006 Despite of recent plans, the women had an individual competition today. The men though will have a sprint race tomorrow. Sven will start as 102nd. - Andrea Henkel won the race today, ahead of Martina Glagow and Ukrainian Oksana Khvostenko. Here are further results...
11.12.2006 The individual competitions planned for the 3rd World Cup cannot take place, because of the lack of snow. There will be sprint competitions instead. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won't take part in that World Cup, he will have a cross country race instead.
10.12.2006 It was the day of the Russian relay teams: both the Russian men and women won the competition. The German teams (Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Magdalena Neuner and Kati Wilhelm for the women and Michael Roesch, Alexander Wolf, Sven, Andreas Birnbacher for the men) became 2nd. The Norwegian women and the French men took 3rd places. Look here for details... 
09.12.2006 The weather was special again in Hochfilzen today: it didn't stop raining during the women's pursuit. Andrea Henkel was the winner of this race, followed by Linda Grubben and Anna Carin Olofsson. Before the men's competition the rain changed into snow, which didn't make things easier on the track at all. Ole Einar Bjørndalen was the leader from start to finish, but behind him it was a really thrilling race. Dmitri Iarochenko and Ivan Tcherezov took places 2 and 3, Sven improved from 17th to 6th place.Click here for further results...
08.12.2006 The audience might appreciate the competitions with over 10°C, the athletes definately don't. The Hochfilzen organizing committee however managed to put a snowy band in the green surrounding - and it works. Let's hope there will be lower temperatures as soon as possible, because the next World Cup will be taken out in Hochfilzen aswell. Osrblie had to cancel the event.
Andrea Henkel won the women's sprint today and still wears the yellow bib. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won again today, Michael Greis became 2nd and Swiss Matthias Simmen - rather surprisingly - took 3rd place. Sven's skiing was fast, but he had 3 misses and became 17th. Look here for further results...
04.12.2006 The 3rd World Cup cannot take place in Osrblie due to lack of snow and too high temperatures. Substitute venue might be Hochfilzen. This will be decided later this week. 
Off topic: I will be in Hochfilzen this week and will likely not have access to the internet there. I will provide you with news and results as soon as I'm back home.
03.12.2006 Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the pursuit followed by Dmitri Iarochenko and Raphaël Poirée. Sven bacame 16th. The winner of the women's race was Linda Grubben ahead of  Anna Carin Olofsson and Magdalena Gwizdon. Click here for further results...
02.12.2006 Sven became 8th in today's sprint of the men in Oestersund, which means he has his WCH qualification now. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won again, 2nd became Russian Dmitri Iarochenko, Michael Greis took 3rd place. Here are further results...
01.12.2006 There were two Germans on the rostrum in the women's sprint today. Magdalena Gwizdon (POL) won the race, Kati Wilhelm became 2nd, Martina Glagow (only 63rd in the 15 km) came in 3rd. Martina Henkel (8th) took the yellow bib. Click here for further results...
30.11.2006  fine start for the German men: Ole Einar Bjørndalen finally took the dop of the rostrum, but a 2nd place for Andreas Birnbacher and a 3rd one for Michael aren't bad! Michael Roesch took 9th place, Sven became 11th. More results...
29.11.2006 Andrea Henkel was best German in this season's first world cup race. She became 4th in the indivudual race of Ostersund, Sabrina Buchholz became 6th, the other German starters came in between places 23 to 63. Winners were - rather surprisingliy - Irina Malgina (RUS) ahead of  Liv Kjersti Eikeland (NOR) and Canadian Zina Kocher. Look here for further results...
Sven will start as 5th in tomorrow's men's race.
28.11.2006 These are the German athletes starting in the Ostersund World Cup: Katrin Apel, Sabrina Buchholz, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Kathrin Hitzer, Magdalena Neuner and Kati Wilhelm for the women. Simone Denkinger has a bit of health problems, she might start in the Hochfilzen World Cup. These are the men starting: Andreas Birnbacher, Sven, Michael Greis, Ricco Groß, Michael Rösch, Robert Wick and Alexander Wolf.
27.11.2006 The new biathlon saison is going to start with the women's individual on Wednesday in Ostersund. Even in Sweden it is much too warm for this time of the year. In Hochfilzen the Organizing Committee announced, they will bring snow from the Alps to make the World Cup possible. Let's wait and see what will happen...
06.11.2006 The German biathletes have departed for their final trainingscamp in Muonio (Finland) before the World Cup seasons starts in Oestersund in the end of November.
24.10.2006 After returning from the trainings camp of Ramsau, Sven was elected Thuringia's sportsman of the year.
08.10.2006 The German men have started for another trainings camp in Austria today.
30.09.2006 Good news from Sven: he was able to start training again this week.
And here are some more news:
Michael Greis was voted "Champion of the Year" by the athletes of the "Club of the Best". German athletes, who won medals in the Olympic Games and/or World Championships (in all kinds of sports) are invited to a holiday to the "Club of the Best" each year.
Co-trainer Fritz Fischer celebrated his 50th birthday during the German Championships in Ruhpolding.
Ricco Gross announced, that the coming season will be his last as an athlete.
Katja Beer won't be starting in the World Cup any more. Coach Uwe Muessiggang made this clear in Ruhpolding. Up to now it is unsure whether she will retire or not.
24.09.2006 Internationl participation at the mass start in Ruhpolding today. The Swedes Anna Carin Olofsson and Sofia Domej took part in the women's race, Anna Carin Olofsson took 2nd place in the international ranking. This is the national ranking: 1st Kati Wilhelm, 2nd Ute Niziak, 3rd Magdalena Neuner. Here are further results. 
Swiss athletes, us american Brian Olson and an athelte of the Netherland take part in the men's competition.
23.09.2006 Katja Beer won the sprint under relay conditions in Ruhpolding today, 2nd became Sabrina Buchholz, 3rd was Kati Wilhelm. Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel and Katrin Apel were absend, they stay at the "Club of the Best" (in Turkey this year). German medal winner of all sport disciplines are invited to the "Club of the Best" each year. Kati Wilhelm takes part in the Ruhpolding competitions anyway and so do the German men. They had a relay competition today. Thuringia I (Wollschlaeger, Wick and) Graf took place 1, Saxonia I (Roesch, Pump, Zimmer) place 2, Bavaria I (Gross, Birnbacher, Greis) became 3rd. Sven, as reported before, has to skip the competitions due to illness. Click here for the results...
20.09.2006 Simone Denkinger and Andreas Birnbacher won the "Formula 1-Sprints" of Oberhof. Michael Rösch and Fabian Mund took places 2 and 3 in the men's competion, Martina Glagow and Andrea Henkel got on the women's rostrum. Look here for further results...
19.09.2006 It is clear meanwhile that Sven won't be able to start in Ruhpolding this weekend. - The individual competitions took place in Oberhof today. Kathrin Hitzer took the women's title ahead of Martina Glagow and Sabrina Buchholz. Andreas Birnbacher was the men's winner. Ricco Gross took place 2, Robert Wick became 3rd.
18.09.2006 Sven suffers from an inflammation of the middle ear,he can defintely not take part in the German Championships in Oberhof and it is unlikely that he will be able to compete in Ruhpolding.
16.09.2006 Sven couldn't take part in today's pursuit, he is ill. I have to find out, how the chances are for him to take part in Oberhof and/or Ruhpolding.
Today's winner was Andreas Birnbacher, Robert Wick and Daniel Graf took places 2 and 3. Simone Denkinger won the women's title ahead of Kati Wilhlem and Martina Glagow. Click here for further results...
15.09.2006 Sven didn't have the best start today in the international German Championships. He became 9th. Robert Wick was the winner of the sprint ahead of Andreas Birnbacher and Robert Janikulla. The women's results weren't that surprising: Kati Wilhelm won ahead of Jenny Adler and Simone Denkinger. Look here for more detailed results...
14.09.2006 The German Championships will start on Friday. They will take place in three different locations, as they did last year. Altenberg will be the venue of the sprint and pursuit competitions this Friday and Saturday.
13.08.2006 Sven became 6th in the city-biathlon event in rainy Puettlingen today. Julien Robert won ahead of Vincent Defrasne (both FRA) and Halvard Hanevold (NOR), Ole Einar Bjørndalen became 5th, Michael Greis didn't reach the finale. Sabrina Buchholz won the women's race ahead of Tadeja Brankovic (SLO) and Sandrine Bailly (FRA). Look here for further results. - After the race, Sven and Michael Greis left for a high altitude trainingscamp in Italy.
02.07.2006 The German men are on a trainingscamp again. This time, they are in Austria.
08.06.2006 Sven's hometown (as reported before) wanted to honor Sven for his great achievements at the Olympics this year, by renaming Schmalkalden's track and field stadium "Am Walperloh" into "Sven Fischer Stadium". Meanwhile Sven decided to refuse the naming. At a press conference in Schmalkalden he said: " That's too much honor and inappropriate compared to the ones, who did so much more for sports in Schmalkalden and especially for this stadium."
23.05.2006 Most of the German men's team stays in Mallorca for a trainingscamp since Sunday.
19.04.2006 Sven wanted to decide in April whether he would continue his career or quit. Now the decision has been made and the result is - he will continue! He'll start training for the next saison in the beginning of May, as usual.
02.04.2006 Yesterday Sven was honored by his hometown Schmalkalden. During a great feast, Schmalkalden's mayor Gellert announced, that the track and field stadium "Am Walperloh" will be named "Sven Fischer Stadium" from July 1st on. Sven was very touched, not at last because Sven had started as a sportsman in precisely that stadium as a track and field athlete.
30.03.2006 Will Sven go on or will he quit his career? There have been a lot of fifferent messages from different agencies lately, but the only thing that's for sure is: Sven will decide about that in a few weeks time. I won't speculate about that, but tell you as soon, as the decision has been made.
30.03.2006 Some of you will have noticed, that there are problems with the guestbook. It was spamed during the last week and I can't get rid of every spam article. I'm very sorry for any inconvience and hope to be able to delete new spam immediately!
26.03.2006 The World Cup season 2005/2006 is over. Unfortunately Holmenkollen wasn't the best place for Sven this time, he came in 19th in the final mass start of the season. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won again, Roman Dostal and Sergej Rozhkov took places 2 and threes. Anyway, Sven can be satisfied with this season: he takes 3rd place in the overall World Cup and won 3 olympic medals, which is a great result. - After the women's race (won by Linda Tjørhom ahead of Sandrine Bailly and Olga Nazarova) it was time for big emotions. Both Uschi Disl and Liv Grete Poirée had finished the last race of their career and were pulled through the stadium in a sledge to wave good-bye. It was a moving moment for both spectators and athletes. - Here are today's results...
25.03.2006 Sven improved to 11th place in the pursuit. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won this race aswell, Tomasz Sikora came 2nd., Ricco Groß took 3rd place. - Kati Wilhelm on the women's competition with a clean shooting. Look here for further results...
24.03.2006 Finally it's an official message: Uschi Disl will quit after this season. So she and Liv Grete Poirée will both have their final races on Sunday.
23.03.2006 Unfortunately things didn't work out for Sven in today's sprint in Oslo. He came in 26th after two misses. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won ahead of Ilmars Bricis and Mattias Nilsson Jr. - Martina Glagow won the women's sprint. Michaela Ponza and Ekaterina Ivanova took places two and three. Look here for further results..
19.03.2006 Tomasz Sikora won the men's mass start today, Raphaël Poirée became 2nd, Ole Einar Bjørndalen 3rd.. Sven took 6th place, all the other Germans apart from Ricco Gross, came into the top 10. - Olena Zubrilova won the women's race ahead of Kati Wilhelm and Tadeja Brankovic. Due to this result, Kati will win the overall World Cup this season. Look here for further results... 
18.03.2006 In today's pursuit Sven became 4th behind Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Rahpaël Poirée and Lars Berger. Anna Carin Olofsson won the women's race, Kati Wilhelm took 2nd, Olena Zubrilova 3rd place. Look here for further results...
16.03.2006 Sven ran on the rostrum today. He became 3rd behind Carl Johan Bergman (who achieved his first World Cup victory) and Tomasz Sikora. Five Germans came in the top 10. - Anna Carin Olofsson won the women's sprint head of Olena Zubrilova and Tadeja Brankovic. Youngster Magdalena Neuner became best German, she took 4th place. Here are the results...
15.03.2006 Tomorrow is the beginning of the World Cup in Kontiolahti. The German team is allowed nine starters each. That's the women's line-up: Jenny Adler, Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Simone Denkinger, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Magdalena Neuner and Kati Wilhelm. For the men: Andreas Birnbacher, Sven, Stephan Christoph, Ricco Groß, Carsten Pump, Michael Rösch, Alexander Wolf, Jörn Wollschläger and Daniel Graf. Michael Greis has some problems with his teeth, be won't compete in Kontiolahti.
12.03.2006 Today's Mixed Relay World Championships took place under extremly bad, maybe even irregular conditions. In heavy winds up to 34 km/h the race should have been cancelled... But the second WCHs took place under partly different conditions as last year. The 5 best in the nations cup were allowed to send two squads, women and men started alternating, course distance was 4 x 6 km. Russia II won ahead of France I and Norway I. Germany I came in fourth, Germany II (with Sven) took 10th place. Click here for the results to find out about the line-ups of the different squads.
11.02.2006 In today's pursuit Sven managed to came forward to 9th place after 35th place in sprint! Ole Einar Bjørndalen won ahead of Rahpaël Poirée and Carl Johan Berman. Michael Greis did not start. This are the results...
09.03.2006 Another Norwegian victory today in the women's sprint. Linda Tjørhom won ahead of Sandrine Bailly and Florence Baverel-Robert. Simone Denkinger was best German athlete, she placed 4th. Look here for further results...
08.03.2006 The first World Cup competition after the Olympics didn't work well for Sven - as expected. The period from the Olympics to the sprint of Pokljuka was too short for Sven to adjust to "normal level" after nearly 2 months in high altitude. As a result to these circumstances he lost the yellow bib today by making 35th place. Hopefully the pursuit in 3 days time will work out better. Here's the result of today...
25.02.2006 Third gold medal für Michael Greis at the Olympics - congratulations for such a phantastic perfomance! Tomasz Sikora and Ole Einar Bjørndalen won silver and bronze in the mass start. Sven was pretty exhausted today, one could see it from the beginning, he finished 17th - as he did in the first race. - Anna Carin Olofsson won the women's race, Kati Wilhelm got silver and Uschi Disl finally managed to win a medal too, the bronze one. Here are further results...
The German athletes won 11 medals in the 10 Olympic competitions, that's a great result. Michael Greis was the most successful athlete of this year's games, having won three gold medals. Sven is just a tiny bit behind with two gold and one bronze medal.
23.02.2006 Today Sven got his next gold medal - together with his team mates in the relay. Russia won silver, France got bronze. The photofinish showed, that Raphaël Poirée pushed his ski was a tiny little bit earlier over the finishing line than the Swede Carl Johan Bergman. Michael Roesch shot and skated extremly fast (and clean), Sven had one penalty in standing, but changed on Michael Greis 18 seconds ahead of Russia anyway. Michael Greis finished in his well known manner. Compliments and congratulations to all four of them! Here are the results... - The German women's relay on Thursday will compete without Uschi Disl, who was not nominated. The line-up is: Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel and Kati Wilhelm.
21.02.2006 Today Sven got his next gold medal - together with his team mates in the relay. Russia won silver, France got bronze. The photofinish showed, that Raphaël Poirée pushed his ski was a tiny little bit earlier over the finishing line than the Swede Carl Johan Bergman. Michael Roesch shot and skated extremly fast (and clean), Sven had one penalty in standing, but changed on Michael Greis 18 seconds ahead of Russia anyway. Michael Greis finished in his well known manner. Compliments and congratulations to all four of them! Here are the results... - The German women's relay on Thursday will compete without Uschi Disl, who was not nominated. The line-up is: Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel and Kati Wilhelm.
20.02.2006 This is the line-up for tomorrow's relay of the German men: Ricco Gross, Michael Roesch, Sven Fischer, Michael Greis. According to Frank Ullrich, he prefers Michael Roesch because he didn't compete in sprint and pursuit and should be able to race with renewed strengh. - The Austrian team seems to have a doping problem. Wolfgang Perner and Wolfgang Rottmann fled the country over the border after a nightly raid and were dismissed from the team. The ex-trainer Walter Mayer was arrested after a crazy drive. So let's wait for the results of the investigations. Nevertheless an Austrian relay team will take part in the competition tomorrow. - It's a shame, that biathlon obviously has lost its innocence!
18.02.2006 Another olympic medal for Sven! Prone shooting wasn't too good, but after shooting clear in standing, he managed to achieve the bronze medal placing. Vincent Defrasne defeated Ole Einar Bjørndalen in the finishing sprint and won gold, OEB won silver. Congratulations to all three of them. - The German women won medals today aswell: Kati Wilhelm took Gold, Martina Glagow silver and Albina Achatova bronze. Here are further results....
By the way: Sven is leader of the overall world cup now!
16.02.2006 Florence Baverel-Robert won the gold medal in the women's sprint today. Anna Carin Olofsson won silver, Lilya Jefremova won bronze. Kati Wilhelm was Germany's best athlete today. The Germans had deciced to start in the first start group, which was at a disadvantage today. Here are further results... - The first doping case became fact today: Olga Pyleva was tested on carphedon, a non-medical kind of amphetamine, which is produced as stimulant only. There's nothing more to say about that, is there?
Sven is olympic champion! He managed it with a perfect race: flawless shooting and a very fast course time. It was his first olympic gold medal in an individual competition. In Lillehammer in 1994 he won bronze in the 20 km, in Soldier Hollow (Salt Lake City) 2002 it was silver in the sprint. In addition to that, he won two gold medals in the olympic relays of Lillehammer and Nagano (1998) and a silver one in Soldier Hollow. Having won so many medals during such a long period of time is really something special.Congratulations! It was clear that Sven as what it takes to be an olympic champion - and today everything went well. The great sacrifices of the previous months payed off. He had relinquished going home for a few days between the World Cup of Anterselva and the preolympic training camp.

Everyboday knowing him knows, that this was a real sacrifice, because familiy means so much to him. He himself said, this was almost over the limit. But it payed off at last.
Not only San Sicario was celebrating, Oberhof was aswell. The Thuringians had been longing for a medal of one of their athletes, now Sven made the dream come true - and Oberhof and Sven's hometown Schmalkalden are partying.
Unfortunately I'm not in San Sicario, so I can't put any pictures on the page (yet?) As a little substitude, here you find a link to a video of the German Broadcasting Company ZDF (sorry, German only).
And I shouldn't forget, that two Norwegians got silver and bronze today. Halvard Hanevold took silver, Frode Andresen is the winner of the bronze medal. Look here for further results...

13.03.2006 Martina Glagow won the Bronze medal in the women's indivudual today. Svetlana Ishmouratova und Olga Pyleva took Gold and Silver. Click here for further results... These are the German men starting in tomorrow's sprint race: Alexander Wolf (19), Sven (25), Ricco Gross (38) and Michael Greis (40.)
12.02.2006 These are the German women starting in the olympic individual race tomorrow: Kati Wilhelm, Andrea Henkel, Uschi Disl and Martina Glagow.
11.02.2006 Gold medal for Michael Greis in the Individual! Congratulations! Due to only one single miss and great course time, he managed to win gold ahead of Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Halvard Hanevold, who won silver and bronze. Sven took 17th place, because of 3 misses. Here are more results...
A little bit off topic, but congratulations aswell to Georg Hettich. He won gold in the first competition of the Nordic Combination.
10.02.2006 There will be 89 competitors starting in tomorrow's first olympic race in San Sicario. Ricco Gross starts 4th, Michael Greis 38th, Michael Roesch 41th and Sven 63rd. His start time: 13:31:30 (local time).
06.02.2006 Yesterday the German biathletes (apart from Alexander Wolf and Andreas Birnbacher) arrived in San Sicario. Sven, Michael Roesch and Alexander Wolf will share a cabin, Michael Greis, Ricco Gross and Andreas Birnbacher will share another one. - Wolf and Birnbacher are still training in Ridnaun and will arrive in San Sicario on Wednesday. - Meanwhile we know, that Sven, Ricco Gross, Michael Greis and Michael Roesch will start in the first competition of the Olympics, the Individual on Saturday. Ricco Gross won a test competition against Alexander Wolf. The decision about who will start in the further competitions will be taken shortly before the races. - Simone Denkinger and Andreas Birnbacher go to Torino as "substitude" competitors. But if you followed last year's WCHs, you might remember what became of one of the substitude women!
25.01.2006 Today the German National Olympic Committee NOC announced the nomination for the Olympic Winter Games in Torino. These are the biathletes: Andreas Birnbacher, Sven Fischer, Michael Greis, Ricco Groß, Michael Rösch, Alexander Wolf, Katrin Apel, Simone Denkinger, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm. They are going to start there direct preparation for the Games in Obertilliach (women) and Ridnaun (men). Sven didn't go home for a few days after the World Cup in Anterselva as all of his team mates, but stayed in high altitude to avoid problems in getting used to these conditions once more before the Olympics.
22.01.2006 Sven took 8th place in the last race before the Olympic Games. After having problems in his first shooting he came back and became best German. Alexander Wolf competed today, but Michael Greis had to skip the mass start as he already had to skip the pursuit due to a cold. - The German women had the rostrum for themselves today: Martina Glagow won, Andrea Henkel and Uschi Disl became 2nd and 3rd. Look here for further results...
21.01.2006 Kati Wilhelm won the women's pursuit ahead of Sandrine Bailly and Albina Achatova. All German women achieved places in  the top 11. Further results...
20.01.2006 In today's pursuit things worked much better for Sven. He improved from 39th to  13th place. Ricco Gross won ahead of the Norwegians Halvard Hanevold and Frode Andresen. Michael Greis didn't start and will not on Sunday, but hopefully Alexander Wolf will be able to compete in the mass start. The decision hasn't been made yet. Here are the results...
19.01.2006 Things didn't go well for Sven today. His problems in getting used to high altitude conditions of Anterselva are well known meanwhile and Sven was pretty realistic before the race: he knew he wouldn't be able to ski fast today and ended up 39th. Not the best base for the pursuit. Today's winner is Frode Andresen, ahead of Ricco Gross and Maxim Tchoudov. Alexander Wolf hasn't recovered from his cold yet, Steve Renner took his place and made his World Cup debut. He placed 49th. - Kati Wilhelm was the winner of the women's sprint, Sandrine Bailly and Albina Achatova took places 2 and 3. All German women, even Magdalena Neuner, placed in the Top 20. Click here for further results...
15.01.2006 Today Michael Rösch made his first World Cup win. Congratulations! In the pursuit of Ruhpolding he won a split of a second ahead of Raphaël Poirée and Sergej Tschepikov. Liv Grete Poirée won the women's race, Kati Wilhelm became 2nd, Albina Achatova took 3rd place. More results...
14.01.2006 Michael Roesch nearly won his first World Cup race today the sprint of Ruhpolding, but in the end Frode Andresen overtook him on the last lap and took the victory. Michael Roesch became 2nd, Michael Greis 3rd. Sven had 2 misses and ended up 12th. - In yesterday's women's sprint Sandrine Bailly won ahead of Kati Wilhelm and Svetlana Ishmouratova. Look here for further results...
12.01.2006 The women's relay yesterday was really thrilling. The Russian team won a part of a second ahead of Germany, Slovenia became 3rd. The men's race wasn't that thrilling: the German men (Michael Roesch, Alexander Wolf, Sven and Michael Greis) leaded from the first leg on till the finish. They had only 3 misses and were very strong in skiing. The Austrian team became 2nd, Norway tool 3rd place. Here are more results...
10.01.2006 The World Cup of Ruhpolding will begin tomorrow with the women's relay. Uschi Disl won't compete in Ruhpolding because of back problems, Ricco Gross however wants to race at his home World Cup, though he suffered lumbago in Oberhof.
08.01.2006 Sven on the rostrum again! He achieved a 2nd place in the mass start in Oberhof behind Halvard Hanevold and ahead of Raphaël Poirée. In the women's race Martina Glagow was the winner. Olga Pyleva took 2nd place, Katrin Apel became 3rd. Here are more results...
07.01.2006 It's still misty in Oberhof, but at least the races could be started today. Vincent Defrasne was the winner of the men's sprint, it was his first World Cup victory. Alexander Wolf became 2nd and keeps the yellow bib, Russian Maxim Tchoudov became 3rd. The German team was strong, they had four athletes in the top 10: Michael Greis (4th, best course time), Michael Roesch (6th) and Sven (10th).
The conditions during the women's race were hard. The fog became thicker and the later starters didn't see the targets very well. Kati Wilhelm won the race ahead of Anna Carin Olofsson (Sweden) and Linda Tjørhom (Norway). Kati Wilhelm also keeps her yellow bib. More results...
06.01.2006 Today's men's sprint had to be cancelled due to the thick fog here in Oberhof. It was postponed to Satuarday, 10.30 a.m.. We all hope the weather will have changed then, so that both the women's and men's sprint will take place then. 
05.01.2006 Conditions at the women's "Night Relay"  were as bad as they were yesterday - mist, wind and snow fall made it hard for the athletes. The race was thrilling till the very end. The French team won ahead of the German squad, Belarus became third. Here are the results...
04.01.2006 The "Night Relay"  was a premier for Oberhof. Conditions weren't too fine due to darkness, fog and snow fall. The German men's team won ahead of the Russian and Belarussian teams. Sven didn't feel too well on the track, as he said, but raced the fastest course of the day anyway. Look here for the results.
03.01.2006 The Oberhof World Cup will start with the men's relay tomorrow. Here's the line-up of the German team: Ricco Groß, Alexander Wolf, Sven, Michael Greis. There's lots of snow here in Oberhof. - Further news: Olle Einar Bjørndalen has already departed due to illness, Raphaël Poirée will come for the mass start only, because he's training in France right now.
18.12.2005 The German men could even improve the result of the sprint 2 days ago, because Ricco Groß managed to take place 6 in today's pursuit in Osrblie. This time the winner was Sven - it was his 32nd World Cup victory. Alexander Wolf (wearing the yellow bib now) became 2nd, Michael Roesch 3rd and Michael Greis took 4th place. Anna Carin Olofsson won both sprint and pursuit of the women's competitions. Look here for further results....
16.12.2005 The German biathletes seem to be in a rather good shape. In the sprint of Osrblie today they took the first four places: Alexander Wolf won, Michael Roesch became second, Sven took third place, Michael Greis came in fourth. Click here for more results... And look at the overall World Cup result (below).
15.12.2005 31st World Cup victory for Sven! He had an almost perfect race in the 20 km race having no misses and being the second fastest skater on the track. Just team mate Alexander Wolf ran faster. All of the German athletes managed to come into the top 20. Michael Roesch (3rd) achieved his first place on the rostrum in a World cup competition and Andreas Birnbacher had a good race, came in 6th and also qualified for the Olympics. None of the German women got on the rostrum today, but four of them achieved a place in the top 15. Look here for further results...
11.12.2005 The German men won the today's relay in Hochfilzen. Sven and Michael Greis were able to compensate the time, Alexander Wolf lost due to a penalty loop. It was their first relay victory since the WCHs of Oberhof in 2004. Look here for more results...
10.12.2005 Sven got on the rostrum after the sprint in Hochfilzen today. He became 3rd behind the Norwegians Frode Andresen and Lars Berger. Alexander Wolf became (just like yesterday) 4th. - The Norwegian women won the relay ahead of Russia and Germany. - Kati Wilhelm won yesterday's women's sprint. Look here  for more results.- This is the lining up for tomorrow's relay: Ricco Groß, Alexander Wolf, Sven, Michael Greis.
08.12.2005 Sven had his first race of the season in Hochfilzen today. He placed 18th due to 4 misses, but was fastest racer on the track. Winner was Raphaël Poirée ahead of Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Michael Greis became 3rd, Alexander Wolf 4th. Look here for further results.
07.12.2005 Swedisch Anna Carin Olofsson celebrated her first World Cup victory today in Hochfilzen. She won the individual competition ahead of the Russians Olga Zaitseva and Natalia Guseva. Martina Glagow and Katja Beer were best Germans, they placed 6th and 13th. Click here for more results... The men's individual will take place tomorrow. Sven is back in the World Cup, his start number is 65.
29.11.2005 Things didn't go to well for the German relay teams in Oestersund today. The German men (Michael Roesch, Alexander Wolf, Carsten Pump and Andreas Birnbacher) became 11th, the women (Martina Glagow, Uschi Disl, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm) took 6th place. Winners were the Norwegian relay teams. More results...
27.11.2005 Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the Oestersund pursuit ahead of Vincent Defrasne and Ivan Tscherezov. Michael Roesch was best German biathlete once more. Olga Zaitseva won the women's race, Kati Wilhelm and Andrea Henkel placed 2nd and 3rd. Click here for more results.
26.11.2005 Today was the first World Cup race of the new saison. The competetion on rare snow in Oestersund took place without Sven, Ricco Gross and Michael Greis. Best German was Michael Roesch, he placed 23rd. The German women's start was a lot better: Uschi Disl won the sprint, Katrin Apel came in 3rd. Here are more results.
21.11.2005 News on the first World Cup again: the IBU decided on Oestersund instead of Idre today. Start times are as announced for Idre. - Sven won't take part in that competition, but hopes he will have recovered till the Hochfilzen World Cup. Ricco Gross and Michael Greis won't participate either. This is the team for Oestersund: Andreas Birnbacher, Daniel Graf, Carsten Pump, Michael Rösch, Alexander Wolf, Christoph Knie and Robert Wick. The women are  Kathrin Apel, Uschi Disl, Simone Denkinger, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm and Katja Beer. 
17.11.2005 There have been made changes in the program of the Wold Cup in Idre - and the start times are out now. Look here.
16.11.2005 The Oestersund World Cup was cancelled and postponed to Idre (SWE). Click here to find the program. The decision about the start times has not yet been made.
14.11.2005 The German biathletes are back from their trainingscamp in Muonio. They didn't have good conditions there, because the temperatures were high and there was hardly any snow. Ruhpolding however stored snow this spring and prepared a skiing track, so the athletes will be going there by tomorrow.Originally they wanted to go to Obertilliach, but - no snow yet...
Whether the Oestersund World Cup can be started on Nov. 23rd is still not uncertain. Likewise is, whether Sven will be able to participate or not, because he's suffering from backache which knocked him out for days in Muonio. The problems are an aftermath of his thumb injury in summer. After that he had to train with only one pole for weeks, which caused imbalanced strain on his back.
11.11.2005 There are rumours, that the first World Cup in Oestersund is postponed to Nov. 30th. A Norwegian newspaper reported about that, but the IBU won't decide about that before Nov. 16th. At the moment there is hardly any snow in Oestersund.
01.11.2005 Since Monday the German biathletes are in Muonio (Finnland) on a trainingscamp.
20.10.2005 Sven was awarded the "Golden Ski" 2005 of the German Skiing Federation DSV. The honoring was handed over when the DSV athletes were fitted out for the coming season. Click here for a little report and pictures of the event.
27.09.2005 Click here for a short video clip on the German biathletes' training from the German broadcasting station ZDF (sorry, German only).
26.09.2005 Now it's time to inform you about the results of the Oberhof competitions. Martina Glagow and Alexander Wolf won the title in the  mass start, winners of the relays are Bavaria 1(Ricco Groß, Andreas Birnbacher, Michael Greis) and Thuringia 1 (Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel, Kati Wilhelm). For more results click here.
24.09.2005 Orginally Sven wanted to take part in the German Championships competitions in Oberhof, with one single pole though. But the trainers finally decided against it.
21.09.2005 The  mixed-relay at the German Championships in Altenberg won the team Thuringia 2 (Wollschlaeger, Apel, Wolf) head of Saxonia 1 (Roesch, Niziak, Pump) and Bavaria 1 (Greis, Neuner, Reiter).
And the fans could say good-bye to Carsten Heymann and Ina Menzel yesterday. Both of them quit high performance sports this year.
20.09.2005 The individual competition of the German Championships took place in Altenberg today. Winners of the women: 1. Uschi Disl, 2. Ute Niziak, 3. Martina Glagow. Winner of the men: 1. Michael Greis, 2. Ricco Groß, 3. Michael Roesch. Sven couldn't take part due to his hand injury.
17.09.2005 These are the winners of the sprint at the German Championships 2005: Women: 1. Uschi Disl, 2. Simone Denkinger, 3. Martina Glagow. Men: 1. Andreas Birnbacher, 2. Michael Greis, 3. Michael Roesch. German Champions of the pursuit: Women: 1. Martina Glagow, 2. Simone Denkinger, 3. Uschi Disl. Men: 1. Andreas Birnbacher, 2. Michael Greis, 3. Michael Roesch.  Congratulations!
16.09.2005 Unfortunately I can't visit the German Championships in Ruhpolding and Altenberg this year. I hope to be able to present the results as soon as possilbe. As a kind of "consolation" I will soon show a few of Sven's own photos he took during the various training camps this year. 
08.09.2005 Sven won't be able to participate in the German Championships. There is a tiny glimmer of hope for the competitions in Oberhof, this is about to be decided just before the races. The healing process goes on well, but such an injury needs its time to heal. Nevertheless, Sven could take up a very light training this week.
29.08.2005 Sven had a bad fall while roller skiing in an internal competition on the last day of the trainingscamp in France yesterday. He caught a bad injury in the joint of the thumb of his right hand. Fortunately the team's doctor Dr. Disch was present for first aid. After that Sven was taken to the university hospital of Freiburg (Germany), where he had an operation the same day. He was allowed to leave hospital and is at home meanwhile. The doctors said, the injury is supposed to heal completely and the joint should be alright. Given that there will be no complications, he might start a reduced light training soon, but it is rather unlikely, that he will participate in the German Champions in about 2 weeks. If the healing process goes well, he should be able to start into the upcoming season as planned.
16.08.2005 The German men's team stays in France for another trainingscamp currently.
27.06.2005 It's summer, but the biathletes are back on skis. The German men are on a glacier trainings camp in Austria at the moment.
26.06.2005 The IBU changed the World Cup schedule for the coming season. Click here for the download of the new provisional (!) schedule for 2005/2006. 
24.05.2005 The German men's squad is on a cycling training camp in Sardinia at the moment.
05.04.2005 Originally Sven wanted to leave for Greenland today to take part in this year's Arctic Circle Race. But the cold he caught in Khanty Mansiysk is so persistent, that he had to cancel his participation. 
24.03.2005 Sven feels better now. This hometown Schmalkalden held a reception for him yesterday. Here's an article about it (sorry, only German).
20.03.2005 Today's Mixed-Relay-WCH was the final competition of the season. Russia I and Russia II won the race in front of their home audience, Germany I (Uschi Disl, Kati Wilhelm, Michael Greis and Ricco Gross) took the bronze medal. More results...
19.03.2005 The pure facts at first: Raphaël Poirée won the mass start in Khanty Mansiysk, Ole Einar Bjørndalen became 2nd, Sergej Rozhkov 3rd. As reported before, Sven had to cancel this important race due to health problems and had to hand over the overall World Cup without a fight. Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Sandrine Bailly got the overall World Cup. This is the unmanipulated total score.
Click here for my very personal point of view on that subject.
18.03.2005 Sven is ill, he won't be able to compete tomorrow.
17.03.2005 The decision about who will win the overall World Cup will be made in the very last race, the mass start. The pursuit of today won Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Sven became 4th despite of the fact, that he's not healthy. Andriy Deryzemlya and Tomasz Sikora took places 2 and 3, Raphaël Poirée didn't even start, he had no longer the chance to take the overall World Cup. Another German athlete achieved the top of the rostrum today: Kati Wilhelm. Sandrine Bailly became 2nd and took the yellow bib, Olga Zaitseva came in 3rd. More results...
The mass start will take place on Saturday. Hopefully Sven feels better by then, so he'll be able to take his chance to win the overall World Cup for the third time! By the way: he won this season's dicipline World Cup in the pursuit.
16.03.2005 Today was the start of the last World Cup of the saison, it was the sprint of Khanty Mansiysk - and Sven won! It was his 5th win of the season and his 30th World Cup win of his career. Michael Roesch achieved his best result this season, a 15th place. The other Germans didn't do too well, Ricco Gross couldn't even qualify for the pursuit, be came in 62nd.  The women did a better job, 2 of the got on the rostrum: Katrin Apel won and Simone Denkinger became 3rd, 3 more come into top 11. Congratulations to all of them. Here are the further results...
13.03.2005 The World Championships ended with two thrilling competitions. Winners of the women's mass start weren't the "usual" ones, but the Norwegian Gro-Marit Istad-Kristiansen ahead of Anna Carin Olofsson of Sweden and Olga Pyleva. Kati Wilhelm (5th) became best German.Ole Einar Björndalen took another gold medal, but Sven managed to win silver due to a fabulous last lap. He was fifth after the last shooting, but overtook Nikolaj Kruglov and Andriy Deryzemlya in the first place and finally even Raphaël Poirée, who won bronze - his first medal of this WCHs. Congratulations to all medalists! More results... 
12.03.2005 Gold medal: the Norwegians did it. The men's relay won their first World Champion titel since 1967. Congratulations! The Russians took silver, Austria got bronze. The Germans weren't lucky at all in the beginning: one penalty loop both for Alexander Wolf and Ricco Gross - and Germany was 1:54 min behind. Sven did a great job. He had the best leg time and achieved 6th place. Michael Greis shot clean, so it was 6th place for Germany in the end. More results...
11.03.2005 The snowfall finally stopped and the women's relay took place in bright sunshine. Russia's victory was never endangered, but Germany's chances seemed to have vanished after Uschi Disl's penalty loop, but Katrin Apel and Andrea Henkel made a great skiing und shooting performance and brought Germany back into the medal rankings. Kati Wilhelm's shooting wasn't really convincing, but she finally took silver. Belarus won bronze. Details...
The German relay squad will be as followed: Alexander Wolf, Ricco Gross, Sven Fischer, Michael Greis.
10.03.2005 The German women's relay team for tomorrow will be: Uschi Disl, Katrin Apel, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm. The Norwegians will have to finish the saison without Liv Grete Poirée. She was diagnosed of  suffering from the Pfeiffer glandfever.
09.03.2005 Today's weather conditions were even worse than yesterday's. Heavy snowfall and wind made things very difficult for the athletes. Despite of that Michael Greis managed to shoot clean (the only one!) and won silver, Ricco Gross (2 misses) won bronze. Surpisingly the Czech Roman Dostal (1 miss) became World Champion. Sven (3 misses) became fourth, but had the second best skiing time behind Ole Einar Bjørndalen, who had 5 misses and took sixth place. More results...
08.03.2005 Gold medal for Andrea Henkel in the 15 km! Congratulations! Last week she declared herself as substitute for the substitute, today she took the title in the individual. And there was another Chinese on the rostrum: Ribo Sun became 2nd and Norwegian Linda Tjörhom 3rd. Conditions weren't too easy today: snow was falling all day long, in addition to that there was partly strong wind during the competiton. More results...
These are the German men starting in the 20 km tomorrow: Daniel Graf, Michael Greis, Ricco Gross and Sven. Sven has start number 55.
06.03.2005 Bronze medal for Sven in the pursuit of Hochfilzen. Ole Einar Bjørndalen took gold, Sergej Tschepikov silver. Michael Greis (5th) and Ricco Gross (6th) achieved places near the rostrum. Uschi Disl took her 2nd gold in a row ahead of Xianying Liu and Olga Zaitseva. Congratulations to both Uschi and Sven. Click here for more results...
05.03.2005 Sven became Vize-Worldchampion today! A silver medal in the first competition of the WCHs in Hochfilzen, it was a really good performance of Sven's, only Ole Einar Bjørndalen was stronger. Ilmars Bricis (LAT) took bronze. Michael Greis and Ricco Gross also came in in the top 10, Andreas Birnbacher qualified for the pursuit tomorrow. - It was a great day for Uschi Disl. She finally won a World Champion title in an individual discipline. Congratulations to Uschi and Sven! Here are more results...
By the way: Sven took the lead in the overall World Cup from Raphaël Poirée and will compete in the yellow bib tomorrow.
02.03.2005 Martina Glagow will definitly not be able to take part in the WCHs. Andrea Henkel, recently saying, she was only "the substitute for the substitute" gets her chance and comes to Hochfilzen. - Alexander Wolf has his own homepage (German only), it's worth a click!
01.03.2005 The WCHs are just around the corner. Sven is in Hochfilzen already, the rest of the men's team will be arriving by tomorrow. These are the athletes nominated for the sprint and pursuit competitions: Sven, Ricco Gross, Michael Greis and Andreas Birnbacher for the men, Uschi Disl, Kati Wilhelm and Katrin Apel for the women. Martina Glagow was sick, it's not sure yet whether she's able to start. In case she can't, Simone Denkinger will take her place.
The conditions in Hochfilzen are quite good: it's cold and there's a lot of snow (170 cm).
24.02.2005 OT: Gold medal for Lars Berger. He was participant in Norway's  cross country relay squad at the Nordic Ski WCHs. The German team with Jens Filbrich, Andreas Schlütter, Tobias Angerer and Axel Teichmann won silver at last.
22.02.2005 11 biathletes have been nominated for the German WCH team. The men are: Andreas Birnbacher, Sven, Daniel Graf, Michael Greis, Ricco Groß and Alexander Wolf, the women:  Katrin Apel, Simone Denkinger, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow and Kati Wilhelm. Andrea Henkel is only substitute this year.
20.02.2005 These are the winners of today's pursuit races in Pokljuka: Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Raphaël Poirée and Stian Eckhoff for the men and Sandrine Bailly, Olga Pyleva and Kati Wilhelm for the women. Look here for further results...
19.02.2005 Sandrine Bailly won the women's pursuit today ahead of Yingchao Kong and Olga Zaitseva. With Andrea Henkel (4th), Simone Denkinger (5th), Kati Wilhelm (8th) and Katrin Apel (10th) there were four German athletes in the top 10. Here are more results...
The German relay ream (Hansjörg Reuter, Carsten Pump, Carsten Heymann und Jörn Wollschläger) won bronze at the European Championships.
18.02.2005 First World Cup win for Nikolaj Kruglov in the pursuit ahead of Sergej Rozhkov and Andreas Birnbacher. Sven came in 5th. More results...
Silvermedal for a German athlete at the EC in Novosibirsk: Carsten Pump became second in the pursuit race.
17.02.2005 Best German of the sprint in Pokljuka today was Katrin Apel, she came in 6th. Kati Wilhelm also reached the top 10, she finished 7th and took the yellow bib. More results...
Lars Berger and Ole Einar Bjørndalen didn't take a medal at the cross country WCHs in Oberhof, but did quite well. Lars Berger became 4th, Ole Einar Bjørndalen 11th.
16.02.2005 Andreas Birnbacher became 3rd in today's sprint in Pokljuka, congratulations to his first time on the rostrum! The winner was  Alexandre Syman ahead of Sergej Rozhkov, Sven came in 11th. More results...
Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Lars Berger didn't take part today, they will start in the 15 km cross country race at the Nordic World Championships in Oberstdort tomorrow. Anyway Bjørndalen will come to Pokljuka to take part in the mass start on Sunday.
Michael Greis finally has his own homepage. Have a look!
13.02.2005 Norway won today's men's relay race ahead of Russia and Germany. Sven shot clean and had today's best cumulative time, so Germany became third despite of 2 penalty loops. It was a rather good "dress rehearsal" for him concerning the Olympic Winter Games next year. More results...
12.02.2005 Sprint victory for Kati Wilhelm in San Sicario. Sie took advantage of her early start number, because the track got worse and worse. Magdalena Gwizdon of Poland became 2nd ahead of the Chinese Chinesin Xianying Liu. The German women will not take part in the relay competition of tomorrow, the men will (Daniel Graf, Sven Fischer, Andreas Birnbacher, Alexander Wolf). More results...
Ole Einar Bjørndalen became 40th in the cross country World Cup in Reit im Winkl.
11.02.2005 Sergej Rozhkov won the sprint of San Sicario, the second and third on the rostrum are a surprise: Bjoern Ferry of Sweden was secon, the Belarussian Alexandre Syman third. Michael Greis shot clean and became 6th, Sven finished 11th, he had one miss but improved to second in the overall world cup now. Here are more results...
10.01.2005 Anna Bogali is the winner of today's individual race ahead Olga Pyleva and Kati Wilhelm. Simone Denkinger (4th), Uschi Disl (8th) and Martina Glagow (9th) also came in the top 10. More results...
09.01.2005 Michael Greis took his first World Cup victory ever in the first race in San Sicario. Congratulations! Sven took 5th place due to one miss, but he was second best on the course. He loves the track, it makes him forget about the imperfections in board and lodging. Click here for more results... 
08.02.2005 After a 2 weeks break from competitions the World Cup will go on tomorrow in San Sicario, the venue of the biathlon competitions at the Olympics of 2006. 9 German athletes (both women and men) are allowed to start in San Sicario and at the World Cup final in Khanty Mansiysk. The men: Sven, Andreas Birnbacher, Daniel Graf, Michael Greis, Ricco Gross, Carsten Pump, Michael Roesch, Alexander Wolf and Joern Wollschlaeger. The women: Jenny Adler, Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Sabrina Buchholz, Simone Denkinger, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Kati Wilhelm - and Ute Niziak, she replaces Andrea Henkel, who is ill.
The men's team had been training in Hochfilzen the entire last week, only Sven departed to San Sicario 5 days ago, to adapt to the high altitude conditions of San Sicario (app. 1.600 m).
126 athletes will start at the 20 km tomorrow - without Ole Einar Bjorndalen. He prepares for the Nordic Ski WCHs in Oberstdorf for the cross country competitions.
23.02.2005 Ole Einar Bjørndalen achieved his 50. individual World Cup victory in today's pursuit in Anterselva. Best course time and clean shooting made him finishing 2 min ahead of the second best Sergej Tschepikov. Halvard Hanevold became third. Sven had two poor prone shootings, which made him finish on 23rd place, despite of clean shooting in standing. His course time though was only 1 sec behind today's best German Ricco Gross, who took place 5.
Sven had decided before hand, that he would take accomodation in Bruneck, which is on 800 m only, instead of Anterselva, to avoid problems in the high altitude condition of Anterselva. He made the right decision, his 3rd place in sprint witnesses that.
Simone Denkinger achieved her first place on the rostrum in the World Cup in the women's pursuit. Congratulations! The winner was Sandrine Bailly ahead of Tora Berger. More results...
22.01.2005 Winner of the women's sprint in Anterselva was Kati Wilhelm ahead of the Norwegians Tora Berger and Linda Tjörhom. Look here for more results...
21.01.2005 3rd place for Sven in today's sprint in Anterselva! The winner was Ole Einar Bjørndalen ahead of Frode Andresen and Sven, all three of them had one miss. For one more time Sven was the only one keeping up with the Norwegians in skiing. Youngster Daniel Graf achieved a remarkable 6th place (one miss either). Michael Greis shot clean and became 5th. Click here for more results...
20.01.2005 Olena Zubrilova won the women's individual in Anterselva, 2nd became the Swede Anna Carin Olofsson (her best world cup result so far), 3rd became Olga Pyleva. The Germans Martina Glagow (5th), Uschi Disl (8th) and Simone Denkinger (9th, back from the European Cup) achieved the top 10. More results...
Sven will start with number 82 tomorrow. Joern Wollschlaeger will replace Andreas Birnbacher.
19.01.2005 It wasn't the day of the German team. Sven was best German, he achieved 18th place (3 misses). Ole Einar Bjørndalen had another perfect race: fast and faultless. The information that he wouldn't start in Anterselva was wrong, sorry for that! 2nd surprisingly became the Chinese Zhang, 3rd was Nikolaj Kruglov. Look here for further results...
18.01.2005 The Anterselva World Cup is just ahead, Sven will have start number 28 in tomorrow's individual. Joern Wollschlaeger will replace Michael Rösch in the 20 km, but Michael Rösch will be back for sprint and pursuit.
16.01.2005 Sven improved from 13th to 4th place today after clean shooting and a good skiing performance. Ole Einar Bjørndalen was the winner of the pursuit in Ruhpolding, 2nd became Lars Berger, 3rd Ricco Gross. - The women's race was almost won by the Chinese Xianying Liu, but she fell in the final descent and was overtaken by Olga Pyleva shortly before finishing. Linda Tjørmhom came in 3rd. Here are more results.
15.01.2005 Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the sprint of Ruhpolding ahead of Raphaël Poirée and Rene Laurent Vuillermoz (!). Sven came in 13th. Look here for more results...
14.01.2005 Double victory for Russia in the women's sprint in Ruhpolding: Olga Pyleva and Svetlana Ishmoouratova both took first place, Martina Glagow became third. More results...
13.01.2005 Another 2nd place for the German men's relay team. Norway won, Austria took third place. Results...
12.01.2005 Russia's women won the relay of Ruhpolding today, Germany became 2nd, Norway 3rd. More detailed results...
The line-up of the German men for tomorrow's relay will be: Alexander Wolf, Ricco Gross, Sven, Michael Greis.
09.01.2005 2nd place for Sven in today's pursuit in Oberhof. Raphaël Poirée won the race, Alexander Wolf became 3rd in his home world cup. Congratulations! Ricco Gross (6th) and Michael Greis (7th) also came into the top 10. 
Uschi Disl won the women's competition ahead of Kati Wilhelm and the Norwegian Linda Tjoerhom. More results...
08.01.2005 The women's sprint took place under difficult wind conditions. The only athlete shooting clean today was the Norwegian Linda Tjoerhom - and won. Uschi Disl and Kati Wilhelm took places 2 and 3. 6 German athletes were among the top 12. More results... 
29th World Cup win for Sven! He won the Oberhof sprint due to clean shooting and great skiing performance, especially on the last leg. More results...
06.01.2005 Both relays took place in Oberhof today. The Swedish relay team was today's winner at the men's competition, Germany became second, Russia third. Sven took the lead after his quick and clean prone shooting, but unfortunately had two penalty loops in standing. The Norwegian team was disqualified after the race because of a disregarded rule. Germany won the women's relay ahead of Russia and - surprisingly - Slovenia. Here are the results...
05.01.2005 The first race of the Oberhof World Cup had to be postponed due to fog. The men will start tomorrow at 9.30 a.m.
04.01.2005 Tomorrows line-up for the men's relay in Oberhof will be as follows: Daniel Graf, Ricco Gross, Sven Fischer, Michael Greis. Andreas Birnbacher has a cold, he will start in the sprint competition.
26.12.2004 It began to emerge in Oestersund, now it's an official announcement: Peter Sendel quits his career as a competitive sportsmen at the end of this year. His start at the  World Team Challenge Auf Schalke on Dec. 28th will be his last one. He gave the reason of his decision as follows: "Before the start of the season I hoped to be able to pick up on my best performances. But after the first three Word Cups I have to realize, that I simply can't fulfill the demands, I put on myself anymore. Therefor I decided to end my career as a sportsman."
19.12.2004 Sven came in 4th in the first mass start competition of the season. Being back on 17th place after the 3rd shooting, he managed to keep clean on his last one and left the standing as 4th. Congratulations! - Raphaël Poirée won his first race of the season, Sergej Rozhkov became 2nd, 3rd was the young Russian Ivan Tcherezov. Here are more results.
18.12.2004 Olga Zaitseva is the winner of the women's pursuit in Oestersund. Sandrine Bailly became 2nd, Olga Pyleva 3rd. Kati Wilhelm (5th) and Katrin Apel (9th) were the 2 Germans in the top 10. More results...
17.12.2004 One more win for a Norwegian at the pursuit in Oestersund: Egil Gjelland won his first competition als a soloist. 2nd became Sergej Rozhkov, 3rd Raphaël Poirée. Sven made up 10 place and came in 13th. More results...
16.12.2004 Sandrine Bailly won the women's sprint of Oesterund ahead of Olga Zaitseva and Tadeja Brankovic. More results...
15.12.2004 Sven became 23rd in today's sprint in Ostersund after missing 3 targets in the standing. Stian Eckhoff was the winner, Jay Hakkinen was "best German" (he lives in Germany) ;-) - Congratulations! Click here for more  results of German athletes.
12.12.2004 Another win for  Sven today. Started from 10, Sven managed to win the pursuit on Holmenkollen. Ricco Groß (6th) and Michi Greis (9th) were the other German athletes in the Top 10 today. Congratulations!
Sandrine Bailly won the women's race ahead of Olga Zaitseva and Olena Zubrilova, Uschi Disl became 4th. Look here for more results. 
11.12.2004 After the women's sprint had to be cancelled yesterday due to fog, both sprints took place today. Olga Zaitseva won the women's competition, Uschi Disl was best German , she achieved 7th place - but still wears the yellow bib. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the men's race with more than 1 min ahead of all others (he's in the yellow bib now), Michael Greis became 5th, Sven achieved 10th place after missing 2 target. For more results of the German athletes, click here.
10.12.2004 I finally got access to the internet in Oslo... I'm very sorry for not being able to inform you yesterday! As everyone knows by now, Sven achieved his 27th win in the 20 km race of yesterday. He was very satisfied with his both his shooting and skiing - he was the only non-Norwegian in the 5 bester skiers of the competitio, though it is rather warm here at the moment (+ 6° C). I don't want to forget to mention, that Michael Greis (6th) and Andreas Birnbacher also had a great race. This is an incredable season's start for Sven, who wears two red and the yellow bib now.
Martina Glagow won the women's race, she also had a clean shooting. Uschi Disl still wears the yellow bib. - Congratulations to all of them!
07.12.2004 I'll fly north tomorrow to see the World Cups at Holmenkollen and in Ostersund. I hope I'll be able to give you the news from abroad!
05.12.2004 The German relay teams both achieved second places today. Norway won in the men's competition, Russia in the women's race. Click here for more results.
04.12.2004 Two Germans won todays pursuit competitions in Beitostolen. Sven won his 26th world cup (despite of the media reporting about his 25th). Congratulations! - Uschi Disl won her 2nd race in a row, Martina Glagow also reached the rostrum, she became 3rd. For further placings of German athletes, click here.
04.12.2004 This is the line-up for tomorrows relay competitions:
Peter Sendel, Ricco Gross, Andreas Birnbacher, Sven Fischer - and Uschi Disl, Katja Beer, Kati Wilhelm and Martina Glagow for the women.
02.12.2004 Sven started very well into the new season! He shot faultless, became 4th in the sprint of Beitostolen and qualified for the WCHs. Ricco Gross came in 7th, the other German men couldn't achieve world cup points.
The German women had a double victory with Uschi Disl (1st) and Andrea Henkel (2nd). Look here for more results.
01.12.2004 Tomorrow's the day. The new biathlon season starts with the sprint competitions in Beitostoelen. Sven starts as 68th. The other German athletes are: Andreas Birnbacher, Ricco Groß, Michael Greis, Peter Sendel, Alexander Wolf and Michael Roesch.
Vadim Sashurin (BLR) is back after a 2 year ban due to doping. Some athletes ended their career after the last season, such as Frank Luck and Corinne Niogret, but over 40 year old Peter Moysey (NZL) is still on the track.
28.11.2004 Read what Sven reported about the trainings camp in Muonio.
23.11.2004 The World Cup Calendar has been updated again lately. In Oberhof the start time for the pursuit races changed. In Khanty Mansiysk the whole plan changed, because of the additional mixed relay World Championships that are held there for the first time.
23.11.2004 The German men's team will be back from the Muonio trainingscamp tonight, before they start for the first World Cup competition next week. - If you are interested in the results of the 2nd test competition in Muonio, click here. Sven gave an interview about his season preparation on Eurosport in October. Look here to see the video (sorry, German only!).
18.11.2004 Uwe Muessiggang announced, that Andrea Henkel and Katja Beer finally qualified for the World Cup team.
08.11.2004 The German men's team started for their last training camp of the season's preperation to Munio (Finland) today.
20.10.2004 The German biathletes are on their glacier training camp in the Dachstein region currently.
29.09.2004 The IBU conference took place in Varna (Bulgaria) in the last week of September. Click on the IBU-homepage for details.
26.09.2004 Second win in a row for Andreas Birnbacher on the last day of this year's German Championships. He won the mass start ahead of Michael Greis and Daniel Graf. Sven came in 5th. 
Katrin Apel won her 2nd title today, 2nd became Simone Denkinger, 3rd was Uschi Disl.
25.09.2004 Andreas Birnbacher won today's sprint "on conditions of a relay" (not part of the Championships), Daniel Graf became 2nd, Sven 3rd. Simone Denkinger won the women's race ahead of Katrin Apel and Martina Glagow.
23.09.2004 Sven came in 2nd in today's individual race. Ricco Gross was the winner, Michael Greis became 3rd.
Katrin Apel won the title in the women's individual of the German Championships in Ruhpolding. She was the only athlete shooting clear. 2nd became Simone Denkinger, 3rd Uschi Disl.
23.09.2004 The men's team for the three World Cups in Scandinavia are: 
Sven, Michael Greis, Ricco Gross, Andreas Birnbacher, Peter Sendel, Alexander Wolf and Michael Rösch.
The women are: Katrin Apel, Martina Glagow, Uschi Disl, Simone Denkinger and Kati Wilhelm. The decision about the remaining two places will be made after the final training camps.
19.09.2004 The Bavarian relay team (Ricco Gross, Andreas Birnbacher, Michael Greis) became German Champions ahead of Thuringia (Jörn Wollschläger, Sven and Daniel Graf) and Saxonia (Michael Rösch, Carsten Heymann and Carsten Pump).
Same result for the women's relay: Bavaria with Uschi Disl, Katharina Echter and Martina Glagow ahead of Thuringia with Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel and Kati Wilhelm and Saxonia with Katja Beer, Ute Niziak and Ina Menzel.
18.09.2004 German champions in the pursuit became Michael Greis. He won the title ahead of Ricco Gross and Daniel Graf. Sven came in 6th.
Simone Denkinger won the title in the women's race. Kati Wilhelm became second, Martina Glagow third.
17.09.2004 The winner of the first competition (sprint) of the German Championships 2004 is Daniel Graf, followed by Michael Roesch and Michael Greis. Sven became 7th. Kati Wilhelm won the women's sprint ahead of Uschi Disl and Simone Denkinger. 
Apart from the German athletes, there are participants from Switzerland and Bulgaria. Jay Hakkinen (USA) is also taking part in the competitions.
The German Championships are just a few days ahead. They will start in Oberhof the coming  weekend (sprint, pursuit, relay) and will be continued next week in Ruhpolding (individual, another sprint, mass start). Look here for details.
10.09.2004 Another World Team Challenge will take place on Dec. 28th. German and international biathletes will compete, but Sven won't take part. If you are interested in informations about the participants, progam etc., click here (sorry, German only!).
31.08.2004 The world cup calendar for the coming season, including start times of the competitions, has been released. Click here for the calendar or here for the PDF version, where you can find all the competitions at a glance.
07.08.2004 Next week the German biathletes will beginn their high altitude trainingscamp. The women will stay in Bulgaria's Belmeken, the men (except for the athletes training in Ruhpolding) will be training in France.
01.07.2004 Uschi Disl wasn't sure if she'd contiune with biathlon after the previous season. She meanwhile decided she will and is planning her career up to 2006.
22.06.2004 If you are interested in how the farewell-event for Frank Luck was, click here for my report and pictures.
26.05.2004 Look here for the (intermediate) squad line-up for the coming season.
22.05.2004 In January Sven was awarded the "Golden Salmon" for his contributions to the German-Norwegian friendship. We was given a ton of salmon, which he immediately donated to old people's homes in Germany and Norway. Last Wednesday Sven symbolicly handed over a salmon to a an old people's home in his hometown Schmalkaden. Here's a report about that (sorry, only German!).
22.05.2004 Frank Luck's good-bye-competition (June 12th) is sold out. 12.000 fans can look forward to a thrilling relay competition in which many international athletes will participate. May active and former biathletes promised to come, e. g. Viktor Maigurov, Oleg Ryzhenkov, Alexander Popov, Magdalena and Henrik Forsberg and many more. Pavel Rostovtsev wanted to come aswell, but as he broke his left leg a short time ago, this seems rather unlikely.
I finally translated my article published in the official WCH's magazine "Oho! Das WM-Magazin". Click here for the download of the English version.
Sven and Doreen say "Thank you!" to everyone who congratulated or sent them presents to the birth of their daughter. Here is the translation.
31.0.32004 Here you can read the translation of an interview Sven gave the South Thuringian Paper "Südthüringer Zeitung".
Before the World Championships I was asked whether I'd like to write an article on Sven for the official WCH's magazine "Oho! Das WM-Magazin". Of course I did! Everyone who'd like to see the article, click here. Sorry, only German!
22.03.2004 The season is over now, so are the CISM and the IBU Grand Prix in Khanty-Mansiysk (Sven didn't participate in these two events). For those who like to have a review on some events of the season, here are some links to articles and videos (German only)
14.03.2004 The last competition of the season, the mass start at Holmenkollen, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to thick fog. The women's race was started, but had to be stopped after the first shooting. There is nothing to critizise about the decision, shooting was a pure matter of luck: the 30 women had appr. 120 misses after the first shooting. Anyway, the cancellation was a pity for Sven, because he easily could have reached the 7th place in the overall world cup ranking today aswell as the 3rd place in the mass start discipline world cup. The gap from Sven's 9th place in the overall world cup ranking to 7th is only 4 points...
If you are interested in how Sven did in the dicipline world cups, click here.
13.03.2004 Raphaël Poirée won the pursuit competition before Tomasz Sikora and Vladimir Dratschev. 3 German athletes came in in the top 10: Ricco Groß was 4th, Alexander Wolf 6th and Sven 7th. - Olga Pyleva, Ekaterina Dafovska and Liv Grete Poirée were the winners of the women's race. Uschi Disl startet 35th and achieved 4th place in the end.
11.03.2004 Sven became 8th and best German in today's sprint at Holmenkollen, Alexander Wolf also reached the top 10. - The winners of the women's sprint became Olga Pyleva, 2nd Kati Wilhlem, 3rd Svetlana Ishmouratova.
06.03.2004 Second victory for Sven this season! He won the mass start competition in Fort Kent, Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Sergej Rozkhov came in equal after him. Congratulations! - Uschi Disl gave away her 3rd place, when she didn't notice Liv Grete Poirée approaching her on the last meters, so she was overtaken just before the finish line. Winners were Olga Pyleva, 2nd was Anna Boglai, 3rd became Liv Grete Poirée.
05.03.2004 Sven became 4th in the pursuit in Fort Kent. The winner was Raphaël Poirée, 2nd Carl-Johan Bergman, 3rd Nikolai Krouglov. - Uschi Disl won her 2nd race in a row, before Liv Grete Poirée and Kati Wilhelm.
04.03.2004 Bad luck for Sven in today's sprint in Fort Kent: he fell shortly before shooting standing and due to that lost appr. 10 places, he ended up 14th. Raphaël Poirée was the winner before Michael Greis and Pavol Hurajt. German newcomer Michael Roesch surprisingly reached place 6. Congratulations to both Michaels!
03.03.2004 Uschi Disl won the 2nd World Cup of the season in Fort Kent. Liv Grete Poirée became 2nd, Olga Zaitseva 3rd.
29.02.2004 Sven improved 28 places and became 29th in the pursuit today, so things have gone much better now. The winner was Raphaël Poirée, 2nd was Nikolai Krouglov, Ricco Gross became 3rd. - The winners of yesterday's women's pursuit were: Olga Pyleva before Anna Bogali and Sandrine Bailly.
27.02.2004 Things didn't go well for Sven on the sprint competition in Lake Placid (USA), he came in 57th. The German team went to the US on Thursday, this might have been too late. The race winner was Lars Berger before Raphaël Poirée and Janez Maric.
Olga Pyleva won the women's sprint, Kati Wilhelm took 2nd place, Anna Bogali became 3rd.
25.02.2004 Click here to look at pictures from the WCHs in Oberhof.
17.02.2004 The relay competition of the WCHs was Frank Luck's last race. He won't start in the coming World Cups.
15.02.2004 Raphaël Poirée was the winner of today's mass start, Lars Berger took silver, Sergej Konovalov took bronze. The Germans weren't in luck today: Ricco Gross had a problem with his skis right in the beginning, Sven fell when another athlete stepped on his ski. He nevertheless became best German today, he came in 11th.
14.02.2004 In today's mass start Liv Grete Poirée took her fourth gold medal in this WCHs. Katrin Apel took silver, Sandrine Bailly had bronze. Simone Denkinger (4th), Uschi Disl (9th) and Kati Wilhelm (10th) reached the top 10.
13.02.2004 The German men's relay team won gold today. Norway won silver, France bronze. 
12.02.2004 This is the line-up for the German men's relay team: Frank Luck, Ricco Gross, Sven and Michael Greis.
12.02.2004 The Norwegian women's relay team won the first ever WCH gold medal in that disciplin today. Russia became 2nd, Germany took 3rd place despite of two penalty loops. 
Raphaël Poirée won the men's individual, Tomasz Sikora won silver and Ole Einar Bjørndalen took his 3rd bronze medal in a row. Sven came in 23rd after having 3 misses in the last shooting.
11.02.2004 Due to fog, the men's individual competition had to be postponed to Thursday 10 a.m.
10.02.2004 This is the line-up the the men's individual tomorrow: Sven, Ricco Gross, Andreas Birnbacher and Alexander Wolf.
10.02.2004 Double victory for the Russian women in the individual competiton today: gold for Olga Pyleva and silver for Albina Akhatova, Olena Petrova (Ukraine) took bronze. Martina Glagow (6.) and Simone Denkinger (9.) reached the top 10. 
08.02.2004 Sven has become father of a baby girl: Emilia Sophie was born this evening. Mother and child are well and healthy and Sven is overjoyed!
08.02.2004 Today's medalists are almost the same as yesterday's. Liv Grete Poirée took the title before Martina Glagow and Anna Bogali. Ricco Gross hold his title, Raphaël Poirée won silver and Ole Einar Bjørndalen took bronze once again.
08.02.2004 Uschi Disl is still ill, she can't start in the individual on Tuesday.
08.02.2004 Finally the winter came back to Oberhof. Temperatures sank and we have had snowfall all night and day.
07.02.2004 07.02.2004
Two medals for the German team in the first competition of the WCHs: in dificult conditions Martina Glagow won - together with Ekaterina Ivanova – Bronze. Liv Grete Poirée took gold, Anna Bogali took silver. She was one of the few to shoot clean today. Martina Glagow was happy with her shared third place, saying tenth seconds shouldn't make a difference on long distances anyway. 
Another gold for the Poirée family at the men's sprint: Raphael Poirée won gold before Ricco Gross and Ole Einar Bjorndalen. Poirée said with a twinkle in his eyes, that he and his wife could go home now they both won gold. Ricco Gross was very satisfied with his silver medal. - Sven took 16th place. Though it wasn't as windy as in the women's sprint, it was very hard to ski because the track was extremly soft due to the weather conditions.
Here are some impressions from today:
WM Sprint 2004 (20)hp.jpg (35817 Byte)    WM Sprint 2004 (34)hp.jpg (33680 Byte)     WM Sprint 2004 (46)hp.jpg (23345 Byte)
Bild 027hp.jpg (58455 Byte) Sven's start number for the first WCHs competition tomorrow will be 26. The numbers were handed over to the athletes before the opening ceremony in the Oberhof stadium.
06.02.2004 We have the first cancellation of the WCHs: Uschi Disl is ill and can't start in tomorrows sprint competition. Simone Denkinger will take her place.
05.02.2004 Warm weather in Oberhof. Though a lot of snow is melting, the WCHs are not in danger.
02.02.2004 These are the German athletes, who will participate in the sprint: Men: Sven, Michael Greis, Ricco Gross and Peter Sendel. Women: Katrin Apel, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow and Kati Wilhelm
02.02.2004 After a week of wonderful winter weather, the weather now changed. We have heavy storm, pouring rain and temperatures about + 8 °C here in Oberhof. The competitions however are not in danger and temperatures shall sink in the coming days. 
25.02.2004 The winners of the mass start competition in Anterselva:
Women: 1. Linda Tjørhom, 2. Natalia Guseva, 3. Anna Bogali. Best German was Uschi Disl (7.).
Men 1. Raphaël Poirée, 2. Ole Einar Bjørndalen, 3. Ricco Groß. Frank Luck and Sven didn't start.
24.02.2004 Sergej Tschepikov won his first World Cup since 1994 today. Janez Maric became 2nd, Ricco Gross 3rd. Michael Greis (4th) and Peter Sendel (7th) also reached the top 10. Sven didn't start (see 19.01.2004).
23.02.2004 If you want to see (and listen to) the interview Sven gave the German television ARD after his race yesterday, click here (German only).
23.02.2004 Only Martina Glagow managed to come into the top 10 today with her 4th place. Suprisingly Russian Natalia Guseva won before Katerina Holubcova and Svetlana Ishmouratova.
22.02.2004 It finally worked in the indivudual in Anterselva: Sven won his first World Cup of the saison. He stayed in Ruhplding and trained on his own to avoid the high altitude conditions of Anterselva, because he know he had not enough time to get used to the highth. It payed off as we see. Congratulations!
It was a good performance for the German team: 5 athletes
 Athleten  (Sven, Ricco Groß, Peter Sendel, Michael Greis and  Andreas Birnbacher) took places in the top 10.
21.02.2004 Simone Denkinger was best German today and took 4th place. Anna Bogali and Svetlana Ishmouratova took places 1 and 2, Anna Murinova became 3rd.
19.01.2004 Sven will only compete in the Individual in Antholz. After that he will do special training in Oberhof for the WCHs. Carsten Pump will replace him in the sprint in Antholz, Andreas Birnbacher will start aswell.
19.01.2004 Norway's ambassador in Germany Bjørn Tore Godal awarded Sven with the "Golden Salmon" in Ruhpolding last Saturday. In a littel quizshow (showmaster was Ole Einar Bjørndalen) he won a ton of salmon. The salmon will go to nursing homes in Norway and Germany. He said that a lot is done to support kids and teenagers, but we should not forget the elderly.
18.01.2004 Another "Norwegian Championships" at the men's pursuit in Ruhpolding: 6 Norwegians in the top 8. Ole Einar Bjørndalen won before Lars Berger and Halvard Hanevold, Ricco Gross became 4th. Sven had 5 misses and took place 21. Great result for Andreas Birnbacher: he improved from 27th to 9th place today. Raphaël Poirée didn't start. - Liv Grete Poirée won the women's pursuit before the Russians Ishmouratova and Pyleva. All German athletes took places in the top 15. 
17.01.2004 Bad luck for Sven in the sprint in Ruhpolding: due to weather conditions he had no chance. Snowfall started during the race, the track became very slow. None of the athletes starting during  this phase could achieve top positions. The conditions improved again for late starters. Sven ended up 12th in that pure "race of start numbers".
Ricco Gross, best German today, was very lucky with his early start number. Andreas Birnbacher came in 27th in his 2nd world cup competition of the season. All Germans except for Peter Sendel qualified for the pursuit.
16.01.2004 Martina Glagow took 3rd place in the sprint competition behind Liv Grete Poirée and Svetlana Ishmouratova. All six German athletes came in in the top 16. 
15.01.2004 The WCHs 2005 in Hochfilzen take place 5 weeks later than planned. New date: March 4th - 13th. The World Cup season will start in Haute Maurienne and will end in Khanty Mansiysk.
15.01.2004 Belarus won the relay of Ruhpolding - not for the first time in weather conditions like these (snowfall, wind). Germany took 5th place.
14.01.2004 The German women's relay team celebrated their first victory in Ruhpolding today. - The line-up for the men's relay team tomorrow: Peter Sendel, Sven, Ricco Gross and (on the last leg for the first time) Michael Greis.
13.01.2004 The German women relay team will start with Denkinger, Apel, Disl and Wilhelm in Ruhpolding tomorrow.
11.01.2004 Uschi Disl and Michael Greis both took third place in the first mass start of the saison. Anna Bogali won the second World Cup race of her career, Halvard Hanevold won the men's competition. Sven became 7th.
10.01.2004 Ole Einar Bjørndalen won today's pursuit in Pokljuka. Best German athlete was Peter Sendel, who took 9th place, Sven was 10th. Bright spot: Sven's material seemed to be much better today, he had 7th course time.
09.01.2004 Uschi Disl won her 22nd World Cup competition in Pokljuka today. Next were Sandrine Bailly and Olga Pyleva (equal), then Liv Grete Poirée and Katrin Apel (equal).
09.01.2004 After another disappointing competition, the sprint of Pokljuka, where no German athlete could achieve the top 10 (despite of 3 athletes with clean shooting: Alexander Wolf, Sven, Ricco Groß) – read what Frank Ullrich and Sven said afterwards:
Frank Ullrich: "It's getting embarrassing when we can't keep pace with Estonians or Slovenes downhill. We have 4 technicians and 2 scientists on the job and got folded up even in ideal snow conditions like these. We can't go on like this, otherwise I'm very pessimistic for the World Championships." Only Peter Sendel and Alexander Wolf had good skis.
Even Sven, very cautiously in blaming material for failures normaly, quarreled with his skis yesterday. He had tested 10 new pairs of skis the last days. "But just one pair was good. Of course I took these today, but it didn't work. I feel helpless."  
08.01.2004 Sven will be awarded the "Golden Salmon 2003". He will receive the prize (one ton of salmon!) in Ruhpolding next week. The Golden Salmon is awarded to Germans who increased the interest in Norway.
08.01.2004 Best German in the sprint of Pokljuka became Alexander Wolf (11th). Sven took 16th place, despite of clean shooting.
07.01.2004 Uschi Disl took 2nd place in today's sprint in Pokljuka. Winner was Liv Grete Poirée, Sandrine Bailly became 3rd
05.01.2004 Daniel Graf will be the 7th man in the men's team in Pokljuka. Andreas Birnbacher will take his place in the Ruhpolding World Cup. Katja Beer and Andrea Henkel are ill, they will be replaced by Sabrina Buchholz and Ina Menzel in Pokljuka.
28.12.2003 The Norwegian team Gunn Margit Andreassen/ Ole Einar Bjørndalen won the World Team Challenge on Schalke (Gelsenkrichen, Germany) yesterday. Katja Beer/Michael Greis became second, Kati Wilhelm/Ricco Gross came in third. Katja Beer replaced Martina Glagow, so did Sabrina Buchholz for Andrea Henkel. Both had to cancel because of illness. Sven didn't take part in the event. If you are interested in more news and the complete result list (German only), click here.
22.12.2003 Yesterday the placings of the German sportsmen of the year 2003 were announced in Baden-Baden.The men's relay team of the WCHs of Khanty Mansiysk took third place of the teams, Martina Glagow fourth in the women's and Ricco Gross sixth place in the men's ranking.
21.12.2003 Raphaël Poirée won the last World Cup competition of the year before Peter Sendel and Pavol Hurajt. Sven took 18th place in the pursuit of Osrblie.
French victory in the women's race aswell: Sandrine Bailly before Olga Pyleva and Katrin Apel. Martina Glagow lost the yellow bib to Sandrine Bailly.
20.12.2003 Due to her 3rd place in the sprint today, Martina Glagow took the yellow bib again. Sandrine Bailly won her 3rd competition of the season, Katja Beer became 2nd.
19.12.2003 Sven took 7th place in the sprint today. Winner was  Sergej Rozhkov, who also took the lead in the total World Cup, before Ludwig Gredler and Raphaël Poirée.
18.12.2003 First World Cup victory for a German woman this season: Martina Glagow won the Individual of Osrblie due to clean shooting.
The German men even achieved to places on the rostrum: Ricco Gross and Peter Sendel took places 2 and 3, the winner was 
Raphaël Poirée. Sven had one miss and came in 10th. - Ole Einar Bjørndalen didn't start. He prepares for a cross-country competition in Ramsau.
16.12.2003 Andreas Birnbacher and Daniel Graf will replace Marco Morgenstern and Jörn Wollschläger at the next World Cup in Osrblie.
14.12.2003 The pursuit competition of Hochfilzen took place under very difficult conditions. It was pouring with rain in the morning, than the rain became snow and heavy winds were coming up. The track was extremly soft, for it hadn't frozen the night before. Nevertheless the Germans weren't too bad: Martina Glagow became second and in the men's race Michael Greis took 5th and Sven 10th place. Winner of the race was Ole Einar Bjørndalen.
13.12.2003 Norway won the second relay of the season before Belarus and France. Russia became 4th before Germany. - France was second first, but got a penalty of one minute, because Poirée made a mistake when taking the bullets out of his magazin.
12.12.2003 Sven won't take part in the relay of tomorrow. The line-up of the German team is: Peter Sendel, Alexander Wolf, Jörn Wollschläger and Ricco Gross.
12.12.2003 Fortunately the rain stopped during the women's relay, but the snow conditions were very soft. The Germans (despite of 2 penalty laps) had the lead just before the stadium, where Olena Zubrilova overtook Kati Wilhelm. The French team became 3rd.
12.12.2003 This is the line-up for the women's relay today: Martina Glagow, Katrin Apel, Katja Beer and Kati Wilhelm. Weather conditions are bad: it's pouring rain here...
11.12.2003 11.12.2003
The weather in Hochfilzen isn't too bad - if it wasn't for biathlon. A white snowy track on green-brown ground and we had + 5°C at the sprint competitions. Olena Zubrilova won the women's sprint, Martina Glagow was 4th, Kati Wilhelm and Katrin Apel too took places in the top 10. Lars Berger won the men's sprint, there were 5 Norwegians among the top 10. - I can't tell, why Sven lost so much time on his last loop, because I didn't talk to him yet. Nevertheless it was untypical for him and I think there might be different reasons: soft snow, late start number, maybe unsuitable material. In addition to that, he had health problems in Kontiolahti, which eventuelly still affects his performance. He shot clear and took 27th place.- Here are 2 pictures showing Sven during his start preparations:
Hochfilzen (34)hp.jpg (25265 Byte)     Hochfilzen (42)hp.jpg (23130 Byte)
07.12.2003 Very thrilling women's pursuit competition: Liv Grete Poirée, just back in the World Cup won the race, Kati Wilhelm was 2nd and Uschi Disl achieved a 3rd place, despite of 7 misses. - The men's competition wasn't that spectacular: Ole Einar Björndalen won his 40. competition als a soloist before Raphaël Poirée and Sergej Rozhkov. Frank Luck came in 6th and therefor qualified for the WCHs. Sven took 26th place.
06.12.2003 The German relay team won the first competition of the season, the line-up was identical to the one of the winning team of the WCHs in Khanty Mansiysk (Sendel, Fischer, Groß, Luck). France and Sweden took places 2 and 3. Sweden had to wait quite a while, before their place on the rostrum was confirmed, because application of disqualification was handed in against the team. 
Today it was very cold, a little bit of snow fall and heavy, sometimes gusty wind. No wonder, none of the teams finished  without a penalty loop.
05.12.2003 The women's relay was really thrilling today - but the Germans weren't very fortunate today. Simone Denkinger as starter shot and skied very well and came in first, but none of her team mates came through without penalty loops. - Winners were the Norwegians before Russia and France. Germany took 5th place in the end.
04.12.2003 Uschi Disl achieved a place on the rostrum for the German women's team in the very first race of the season: she became third in the sprint of Kontiolahti. Kati Wilhelm and Katrin Apel came in 5th and 7th. Liv Grete Poirée had a powerful "comeback" with her 2nd place. The winner was Sandrine Bailly.
The men weren't that lucky: Sven became uncertain after his first shooting and ran 4 penalty loops instead of 3. He had no misses in standing and ended up 29th. Others had even more problems: Ricco Gross for instance shot clean, but became only 37th. Best Germans were Peter Sendel (15th) and Alexander Wolf (16th). Overall winners were the Norwegians: Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Halvard Hanevold and Frode Andresen took places 1 to 3.
The weather conditions in Kontiolahti are bad. Whist there were -36°C in the WCHs of 1999, Finnland hasn't got snow this December. Temperatures were about +2°C during the competitions today, and it even rained contemporarely. The only snow here is the the biathlon stadium of Kontiolahti: they brought it from the skitunnel in Vuokatti...

kontiolahti2003_1hp.jpg (14691 Byte)   kontiolahti2003_40hp.jpg (21978 Byte)

02.12.2003 Read what Sven says about his season's preparation.
02.12.2003 I will start for Kontiolahti, Hochfilzen (?) and Osrblie (?) tomorrow. I hope of course, that I will get access to the internet while I'm away, but if not, please look here for the latest results.
01.12.2003 Magdalena and Henrik Forsberg became parents of a baby boy on Nov. 29th.
26.11.2003 This is the German men's world cup team for the coming season: Sven, Michael Greis, Ricco Groß, Frank Luck, Peter Sendel and Alexander Wolf. Seventh starter will be Marco Morgenstern in Kontiolahti and Jörn Wollschläger in Hochfilzen.The results of the German championships and the test competitions in Vuokatti were the basis for the nomination.
17.11.2003 The German men meanwhile moved from Munio to Vuokatti. The decision on who will be on the world cup team will take place after final test competitions in the end of the week. - There was a sprint competition in Munio last weekend. Athletes from Finnland, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia and Germany took part, Ricco Groß won, Sven came in 12th.
17.11.2003 The German women's world cup team was announced today, it will be the same as it was last season: Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Simone Denkinger, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm. Sabrina Buchholz and Ina Menzel didn't made it to get on the team.
05.11.2003 Tomorrow the German men's team will start for their last training camp in Finnland before the saison starts.
02.11.2003 Look here for Frank Ullrich's mid-term review on the season preperation right before the final traning camp in Finnland.
26.10.2003 As reported recently, Uschi Disl and Ricco Groß took part in the first cross country World Cup of the season this weekend. Uschi became fourth and best German in the sprint on Saturday, Ricco Groß couldn't qualify for the finals. In today's team sprint Uschi Disl/ Claudia Künzel became second, Jens Filbrich and ex-biathlete Andi Stitzl came in third. Congratulations!
20.10.2003 The German men’s team ended their training on the Dachstein glacier last week. Due to heavy blizzards training on the glacier was impossible during the first days and the athletes had train on roller skis. Luckily the weather improved and training on snow could start. – After the trainingscamp the traveled to Munich, where the German Ski Federation awarded the “Golden Ski” to Martina Glagow and Ricco Groß.  
06.10.2003 The German men's team started training on snow: they have gone to a training camp on a glacier.
29.09.2003 This year's World Team Challenge will again take place in Gelsenkirchen (December 27th). These are the German athletes taking part in the event: Martina Glagow, Uschi Disl, Katrin Apel, Andrea Henkel, Ricco Groß, Peter Sendel and Michael Greis. More information (German).
28.09.2003 Three German biathletes will take part in the first Cross Country World Cup competition in Düsseldorf in October 25th and 26th: Uschi Disl, Ricco Groß and Hans Stöckl.
22.09.2003 Click here for a little résumé of the German Championships.
21.09.2003 Yesterday the final competitions - the relays - of the German Championships took place. Thuringia (Peter Sendel, Sven, Frank Luck) became German Champions, second became Bavaria (Michael Greis, Andreas Birnbacher, Ricco Groß), third was Saxonia (Michael Rösch, Marco Morgenstern, Carsten Pump). Women: Bavaria (Martina Glagow, Katharina Echter, Uschi Disl) before Thuringia (Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel, Kati Wilhelm) and Saxonia (Romy Beer, Anne Preußler, Katja Beer).
20.09.2003 Sven became vice-champion in today's mass start. Frank Luck won, Ricco Groß became third. The women's results: 1. Katja Beer, 2. Sabrina Buchholz, 3. Andrea Henkel.
19.09.2003 Sven place 7th in today's Autumn Performance Test. 1. Jörn Wollschläger, 2. Peter Sendel, 3. Carsten Pump. Uschi Disl won women's race, before Katrin Apel and Andrea Henkel.
14.09.2003 Here are the results of the German Championships' sprint: 1. Andreas Birnbacher, 2. Michael Greis, 3. Marco Morgenstern, Sven became fourth. The winners of the women's race: 1. Simone Denkinger, 2. Uschi Disl, 3. Kati Wilhelm.
13.09.2003 Here are the results of the German Championships' sprint: 1. Andreas Birnbacher, 2. Michael Greis, 3. Marco Morgenstern, Sven became fourth. The winners of the women's race: 1. Simone Denkinger, 2. Uschi Disl, 3. Kati Wilhelm.
12.09.2003 As rumors are spreading, here's the official announcement: yes it't true, Sven will become father. The baby is expected in the beginning of February.
12.09.2003 Sven won the first competition of the German Championships 2003 in Ruhpolding. Michael Greis became second, Daniel Graf third. Ina Menzel became champion at the womens' competition, Uschi Disl second and Katja Beer third.
11.08.2003 Some World Cup dates have been changed lately. Have a look on Calendar to find the updated dates and starting times. It turned out, that definitely no World Cup will take place in Oberhof next season.
08.08.2003 Look here for the detailed competition schedule of the German Championships in Ruhpolding and Oberhof in September.
06.08.2003 No news on this homepage for more than 4 weeks - we never had that before, and I hope it won't happen again! I was on a holiday at first and had a problem with my computer after that. Sorry about that, but I couldn't do anything about it. Finally I'm able to keep you updated, here are some news from July:
  • There were problems with the ticket sale for the World Championships 2004 in Oberhof. Read an interview with Kerstin Heß (Vize-Head of the WCH Organizing Committee) (German only).
  • Before they got off for a holiday for 2 weeks, the German biathletes recorded a song for the WCHs "We are on the top". Click here for pictures and a press report (German only).
  • Magdalena Forsberg is expecting her first child in December, so she won't co-comentate on German ARD next season.

Something more current: the German athletes are staying at Belmeken (Bulgaria) for a high altitude training camp since August 4th.

01.07.2003 Tickets for the WCHs 2004 in Oberhof can be ordered from now on. Look here for informations and an online-form.
23.06.2003 On June 21st Sven took part in the summer-biathlon event of Mackensen and won the 6000 m competition.
20.06.2003 From July 1st on, you will find a form on the homepage for the World Championships in Oberhof 2004, which will enable you to order tickets for the event. I’ll give you the exact link as soon as the form is online. - If interested, you might download the official invitation leaflet (German and English) here.
16.06.2003 Look here for the winners of the mountainbike-biathlon event in Altenberg (Sven didn't participate).
26.05.2003 The German men's team is on a cycling training camp in Bavaria at the moment.
21.05.2003 The German athletes have been devided into different groups: A-squad men: Sven Fischer, Ricco Gross, Michael Greis, Frank Luck, Peter Sendel, Alexander Wolf and Andreas Birnbacher. more... 
09.05.2003 The IBU published the competition schedule for the coming season, but not which competition will held on which day. There will be less relays in comparison to last season. In total there will be 31 competitions: 9 sprints and 9 pursuits, 5 relays, 5 mass starts and 3 individual competitions.
07.05.2003 The break after the end of last season is over, training for the next one started this week. Up to now there's no reliable calendar for 2003/2004 available, just the Ruhpolding World Cup (Jan 13th - 18th) and the WCHs in Oberhof of course have been fixed yet. Because of the WCHs a WC will definitely not take place in Oberhof next season.
10.04.2003 Frank Ullrich will "only" be national team coach from now on, the Oberhof athletes will be trained by Mark Kirchner, who was trainer of the junior biathletes till now.
10.04.2003 Frank Luck will continue next season, when the WCHs are in his home region Oberhof.
04.04.2003 This is the new atheletes' committee was elected during the WCHs 2003: Gunn Margit Andreassen, Katerina Holubcova, Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Pavel Rostovtsev.
29.03.2003 Look here for new pictures from the WCHs.
23.03.2003 Sven is Vice-World Champion in mass start - congratulations to this silver medal! Ole Einar Bjørndalen took gold, he was the only one shooting clean in the windy conditions, Raphaël Poirée got bronze. More results...
22.03.2003 Gold and silver medal for Russia: Albina Achatova followed by Svetlana Ishmouratova, bronze for Sandrine Bailly. Katja Beer and Simone Denkinger ran in the top 10. More results...
These are the German men taking part in the final mass start tomorrow: Ricco Gross, Sven, Frank Luck and Peter Sendel.
21.03.2003 Gold medal for the German relay team! It was the first win of the season and the first at world championships or Olympic Games since 1998. Congratulations! Other favorites like Norway and France took places 4 and 13. More results...
20.03.2003 The women's relay was a curious competition, not only from the German's point of view, I think. The wind was so strong the none of the relay teams finished without penalty loops - but noone could imagine to win bronze with 8 loops. Congratulations, especially to Martina Glagow, who ran a great last leg - and congratulations to the Russian team and their first gold medal. More results...
The line-up for the German men's relay: 1. Peter Sendel, 2. Sven, 3. Ricco Gross, 4. Frank Luck.
19.03.2003 Halvard Hanevold became world champion in the individual, Ricco Gross won bronze, Sven came in 22nd. More results...
The German women's line-up for the relay competiton is as follows: 1. Simone Denkinger, 2. Uschi Disl, 3. Kati Wilhelm, 4. Martina Glagow.
18.03.2003 Simone Denkinger achieved the best result of her career by coming in 4th in today's individual, Martina Glagow took 6th place and she wins the overall World Cup. She's the first German woman to win it - congratulations! Katerina Holubcova became world champion. More results... - Peter Sendel, Ricco Gross, Sven and Frank Luck are the German participants in the men's individual tomorrow.
17.03.2003 These are the German participants in the women's individual: Katrin Apel, Martina Glagow, Katja Beer, Andrea Henkel and Simone Denkinger. - The WCHs are over for Michael Greis, he leaves Russia tomorrow.
16.03.2003 Ricco Gross and Martina Glagow both became World Champions in the pursuit competiton - congratulations! Frank Luck improved from 30th to 5th place, due to clean shooting, Sven came in 11th. Michael Greis became ill and couldn't start today, Ole Einar Bjørndalen had 6 misses and took 8th place. In the women's competition there were 2 gold medals: Martina Glagow and Sandrine Bailly, Svetlana Ishmouratova took bronze. More results...
15.03.2003 The first World Championships' competitons are over - and the German team won their first medal: Ricco Gross achieved silver, Ole Einar Bjørndalen won his first title as "soloist". Sven came in 12th and was second best of the German men. Raphaël Poirée gave up. Martina Glagow was best German women, she took 10th place. Here are the results...
13.03.2003 The official opening ceremony of the World Championships will take place this evening. Andrea Henkel will be Germany’s standard-bearer.
13.03.2003 IBU press conference in Khanty Mansiysk today. Subjects (among other things) were the decision in doping case Albina Achatova and the world cup calendar for the coming season. More
10.03.2003 Shortly before the WCH Sven talked about how his season went off yet and what he expects from the World Championships. Read more...
10.03.2003 Here's the line-up of the German teams for the sprint competition at the World Championships: Men: Sven, Michael Greis, Frank Luck und Ricco Gross, women: Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow and Kati Wilhelm. There are 5 athletes allowed, because Kati Wilhelm won the olympic sprint.
05.03.2003 The German biathlon team will depart for Khanty Mansiysk on March 10th.
03.03.2003 Last training camp before the World Championships for the German biathlon teams: the men are in Oberhof, the women stay in Ridnaun (Italy).
03.03.2003 Die Aufstellung für den ersten Wettkampf der WM steht fest. Den Sprint am Samstag werden Sven, Michael Greis, Frank Luck und Ricco Groß laufen, bei den Damen werden es Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow und Kati Wilhelm sein. Da Kati Wilhelm Olympiasiegerin im Sprint war dürfen 5 Frauen starten.
23.03.2003 Today's men's and women's pursuit races were the last World Cup competitions of the season, though the results of the World Championships will of course be added to the World Cup ranking. Best German was Andreas Birnbacher. He placed 6th and qualified for the world championships, Sven came in 26th. Martina Glagow took the lead in the overall world cup today. Here are the results...
22.02.2003 None of the German women could reach the rostrum in the individual competition today. Katrin Apel was best, she came in 8th. Martina Glagow made up points to the overall world cup leader Ekaterina Dafovksa. Look here for the results...
Sven will start 1:34 min behind in tomorrow's pursuit.
21.02.2003 The German men's team was much less sucessful in today's second Individual competition of the season. Michael Greis came in 17th and best German, Sven became 30th. These results are the basis for the pursuit competition on sunday (time differences are halvened). More results...
20.02.2003 Today was the day: Sven won his first World Cup this season in the sprint in Oestersund. Congratulations for winning the 23rd World Cup! And Ricco Gross, Michael Greis and Frank Luck shot clean aswell, all of them came in in the top 8. Kati Wilhelm (1.) and Uschi (3.) ran on the rostrum in the women's sprint. Here are the results...
16.02.2003 Today again was a good days for the German Teams: Sven became second in the pursuit, Martina Glagow even won her first World Cup this season. A good day for the Norwegians aswell: Ole Einar Bjørndalen won his first race at Holmenkollen, Stian Eckhoff became third. More results... 
15.02.2003 First time on the rostrum for Sven as a soloist this season! He achieved third place in today's sprint at Holmenkollen. And a third place for Martina Glagow at the women's sprint. More results... 
13.02.2003 It was a very bad day for the German relay teams. Both women and men didn't have a hint of a chance to achieve a front position - due to wrong material. The men's team was even worse off and Sven obviously had the worst material of all. Despite of very good shooting (just 3 reloads in all) they came in only seventh. Here are the results...
12.02.2003 Here's the line-up for tomorrow's delay: Men: 1. Sendel, 2. Fischer, 3. Gross, 4. Luck, women: 1. Glagow, 2. Disl, 3. Apel, 4. Wilhelm.
09.02.2003 Today's men's results (from the German point of view) look much better compared to yesterday. Sven is getting better: 11th place and best course time of all German atheltes suggest that. Yesterday's winner Alexander Wolf didn't start today, for he wasn't qualified because of his current 33. place in the Total World Cup. - Double victory for the German women: Kati Wilhelm and Martina Glagow placed first and second today. Here are the results...
08.02.2003 Ups and downs concerning the results of the German team in today's sprint in Lahti: Alexander Wolf achieved the first win of the season for the German men. It was the first World Cup race he ever won and he additionally qualified for the WCH. Congratulations to Alexander Wolf! His team collegues didn't do as well as he did, Sven came in 46th in his first race after a longer pause due to illness.
The German women did much better. Look here for the results...
07.02.2003 The number of athletes competing in the World Cup in Lahti tomorrow is smaller than usual. Probably it's not worth the journey for those who can only participate in sprint but not in mass start, where only 30 athletes are qualified. The preperation for the World Championships might aswell be relevant. There are only 68 athletes starting in the sprint, Sven will be number 47.
04.02.2003 The German biathlon team will go to Finnland tomorrow. Sven has recovered and  will be starting in the Lahti.
30.01.2003 This is the line-up of the German team for the World Cups in Scandinavia: Andreas Birnbacher, Sven Fischer, Michael Greis, Ricco Groß, Frank Luck, Peter Sendel, Alexander Wolf. Women: Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Uschi Disl, Simone Denkinger, Martina Glagow, Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm.
26.01.2003 Ricco Gross came in third in the final mass start in Antholz. Gross, Luck and Greis were qualified, Peter Sendel moved up, because some athletes had to stay away due to illness (like Sven). Sendel took his chance and became 7th. More results...
Winners of the Biathlon-Trophy are Ole Einar Bjørndalen followed by Sergej Tschepikov and Raphaël Poirée (best German: Ricco Gross placed 5th), for the women: Ekaterina Dafovska followed by Sylvie Becaert and Svetlana Tschernoousova (best German: Martina Glagow on fourth place).
25.01.2003 Germany's men's relay team (line-up see below) only became 11th out of 12 today. More results...
25.01.2003 Surprisingly Raphaël Poirée plans to take part in tomorrow's mass start in Antholz.
24.01.2003 The German's women relay (with Denkinger, Disl, R. Beer, Wilhelm) came in second today. More results...
The men's relay team will be a completely new one tomorrow:
1. Jörn Wollschläger, 2. Alexander Wolf, 3. Daniel Graf, 4. Andreas Birnbacher. 
23.01.2003 3 German athletes managed to end up in the top 10 in the season's first Individual competition in Antholz:  Frank Luck became 4th, Ricco Groß 5th and Peter Sendel 8th (therefor qualified for the WCH). Martina Glagow achieved 7th place at the women's competition. More results...
20.01.2003 Sven will not take part in the World Cup in Antholz this week.
20.01.2003 Vadim Sashurin's ban because of doping was prolongued from 15 to 24 months, because Sashurin didn't fulfill the conditions the IBU made for him.
19.01.2003 Two Germans ran on the rostrum in the pursuit competitions of Ruhpolding: Martina Glagow (2nd place) and Frank Luck (3rd place). Look here for further results...
18.01.2003 Frank Luck managed to qualify for the WCH in Khanty Mansyisk with his 9th place in today's sprint in Ruhpolding. Sven is ill and couldn't take part in the competition. Here are the results...
17.01.2003 Martina Glagow became second in today's women's sprint. More results...
16.01.2003 Germany's men's relay team took second place in today's competition in Antholz. More results...
15.01.2003 In the Ruhpolding World Cup the German women's relay became second behind Russia today. The line-up for tomorrows men's relay will be the same as in Oberhof: 1. Greis, 2. Fischer, 3. Sendel, 4. Groß.
13.01.2003 Uschi Disl managed to win her first World Cup since almost two years in this season's first mass start competition. Sven came in 15th at the men's competition the same day. Click here for the results...
11.02.2003 The German women's relay team won yesterday, but the German men still have to wait for their first victory this season. Michael Greis, Sven Fischer and Peter Sendel had the lead, but Ricco Groß had one penalty loop after prone shooting and in the end the Germans came in "only" sixth. Here are the results...
10.01.2003 Look here for the first pictures of the World Cup in Oberhof.
09.01.2003 The German men's team wasn't as successfull in their sprint competition as the women were yesterday. Sven had bad conditions at his standing shooting and had therefor two misses. In the end he came in 23rd. Michael Greis qualified for the mass start competition on Sunday. Here are the results...
08.01.2003 6000 spectators were in Oberhof today, when the women's sprint took place. The German team was very successful, five of them placed in the top ten. Especially Andrea Henkel was relieved about about her fourth place, as she said in the following press conference. Look here for the results...
07.01.2003 Just in time for the World Cup in Oberhof the weather changed: it became rather cold and snowy. At the official training today we had -15°C in the new Biathlon Stadium.
28.12.2002 The winners of the World Team Challenge Cup in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) were: 1. Michael Greis / Martina Glagow,  2. Viktor Majgurov / Albina Achatova, 3. Vesa Hietalahti / Sanna-Leena Perunka.
22.12.2002 Sven came in 8th in pursuit competition of Osrblie. More results here.
20.12.2002 The German men's relay took second place today. The line-up was: 1. Sendel, 2. Fischer, 3. Greis, 4. Luck. More results.
19.12.2002 Sven achieved 9th place in today's sprint competition in Osrblie. More results...
15.12.2002 In today's pursuit Sven became 12th. More results...
14.12.2002 Sven came in 9th in today's sprint competion (best German competitor). More results...
12.12.2002 The German men's relay team (line-up: 1. Sendel, 2. Fischer, 3. Luck, 4. Groß) today came in 5th. Sven took over as 17th, was fastest on his leg and lay the foundations of an acceptable fifth place. More results...
10.12.2002 It seems the third world cup can take place in Osrblie.
08.12.2002 In today's pursuit race Sven came in 27th. More results...
07.12.2002 The German men's relay team came in third in today's competition. More results...
05.12.2002 In the new season's first race Sven came in sixth (and therefore qualified for the WCH in March). More results...
05.12.2002 Bad news from Pokljuka: the event was definitely cancelled today, so the second world cup will be in Oestersund aswell.
03.12.2002 In contrast to yesterdays news, Pokljuka today asured to hold the world cup next week. The weather has changed and Pokljuka had 15 cm of snow last night and is expecting more the coming days. 
26.11.2002 Oestersund in Sweden will be venue of the first World Cup of the season instead of Hochfilzen.
24.11.2002 The first competitions of the new season will in all probability not take place in Hochfilzen, for it is much too warm there. Possible venues could be Antholz or Lillehammer. There should be a definite decision on November 26th.
15.11.2002 Here are the latest pictures of the construction work at the Oberhof biathlon stadium.
11.11.2002 The German men's national team flew to Vuokatti (Finland) today to train in the skitunnel for two and a half weeks. If you want to have a look inside - click here.
05.11.2002 If you are interested in further informations about the World Team Challenge (Sven will not take part), have a look on www.biathlon-aufschalke.de (German only).
05.11.2002 On 4th November 2002 the IBU Executive Board decided to ban Vadim Sashurin (BLR) for 15 months.
Sashurin has been analysed positive on Nadrolon Metabolites in September.
21.10.2002 Time for awards. Last week journalists for nordic skiing sports voted in Cavalese. Winners in biathlon are 1. Kati Wilhelm before Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Sven became sixth. Frank Luck and Kati Wilhelm were awarded the "Golden Ski" of the German Ski Federation (DSV) last Friday and on Saturday the Thuringian Sportsmen of the year were elected. Men: 1. Frank Luck, 3. Sven, Women: 1. Kati Wilhelm, 3. Andrea Henkel, team of the year: the women's biathlon relay team.
07.10.2002 Norbert Baier (former trainer of the German men's team) was elected president of the IBU's Technical Committee succeeding Janez Vodicar.
06.10.2002 The German men's A-Team with Sven is starting training on snow now. They are on a training camp on the Schnalstal-Glacier for 10 days.
04.10.2002 As you might know the biathlon stadium in Oberhof is remodeled before the World Championships 2004 here. Meanwhile the construction works have advanced, so one can imagine how it might look like, when it's finished. Here are two pictures of the building site.
22.09.2002 The German Championships ended with the relay competitions today. Sven was member of the team Thuringia I, which came in second. You can have a look on the results here.
21.09.2002 At the German Championship's mass start competition Sven became second. Here are the results.
20.09.2002 At the German Championship's sprint Sven became second today. Here are the results.
19.09.2002 Here you can see the first pictures from the German Championships in Oberhof, taken by the photographer Gerhard König. Thanks for letting me publish these on my site!
16.09.2002 The results of the first weekend of the German Championships are summed up quickly: Sven won both the competitions of the Championships (individual and pursuit) and the sprint under relay conditions, which was part of the Autum Performance Test, here are the results. Pictures are added as soon as possible.
11.09.2002 The German Championships in biathlon are starting in Oberhof this weekend. As I will be in Oberhof, I will inform you about the results next week.
05.09.2002 On September 7th, Sven will take part in the fourth  "Hartwig Gauder Golf Tournament" a charity golf match in aid of  the organisation "Sportsmen for donation of an organ". Read an interview Sven gave two years ago, because of the Hartwig Gauder Golf Tournament.
29.08.2002 The IOC Executive Board accepted the IBU’s application to include biathlon mass start into the olympic programme of Torino in 2006.  
28.08.2002 On August 24th Sven gave the starting signal for the summer biathlon relay of the „People’s Olympics“ in Breitungen (Thuringia). On that occasion he handed over a signed jacket and a t-shirt, signed by all biathletes of the German national team to Breitungen’s mayor with a view to an auction. The proceeds of the auction will (as will Sven’s fee) be in aid for the victims of the flood disaster in Germany.
Here are an article and a picture (thanks to Erik Hande) of the event.  
06.08.2002 Sven and other well-known sportsmen will take part in the world's greatest bicycle rally with different starting points in his home region Thuringia on August 18th.
04.08.2002 Liv Grete Skjelbreid-Poirée will not compete next season, for she expects her first child for the end of January 2003.
23.07.2002 Sven won the public figure's cycle race onto the Mont Ventoux (1912 m) during the Tour de France last weekend, second became Jeff Pierce (Tour de France stage winner of 1987), Uschi Disl came in third. (Pictures)
01.07.2002 The IBU Congress settled the following change of rules:
The distance in women's relays is will be 4 x 6 km.
The world champions in individual and sprint will be allowed to start at the next world championships, in addition to the nation's quota. All medal winners will be allowed to start in world championship mass start.
There won't be a B-world cup.
WCH of 2007 will take place in Antholz. JWCH of 2005 will take place in Kontiolahti, 2006 in US-State Maine.
27.07.2002 Sven was awarded the prize of the Thuringian Ski Federation this week.
27.06.2002 The IBU holds its anual Regular Congress in Nice (France) from June 26th to 29th. The new IBU's Executive Board was elected as follows:
President: Anders Besseberg (NOR)
Vice-President: Alexander Tichonow (RUS)
Have a look at ibu.at for complete members of Executive Board and Technical Committee.
15.05.2002 German biathlete Martina Zellner retired from competitive sports. She said, she could not muster up enough motivation to carry on.
30.04.2002 Change in trainer team: Frank Ullrich and former biathlete Fritz Fischer will be the trainers of the German men from now on. Klaus Siebert will  train the Austria's men team.

A silver season
 The world cup season 2001/2002 is over, we sum it up: 

  • 2 silver medals at the Olympics
  • Silver medal at the world championship
  • Winner of 3 world cups
  • 12 times on the victory rostrum, 7 of them during the final world cups in Skandinavia, 
    where Sven reached a place under the first three in every race
  • winner of the sprint world cup 2001/2002

That's the result of a saison, that didn't start too promising, because of Sven's illness in the beginning.  
Congratulations to Sven for a succesfull season and – after a breather – best wishes for the preperatory training for the coming season!  


The Norwegian relay team got the gold. Congratulations to Halvard Hanevold, Frode Andresen, Egil Gjelland und Ole Einar Björndalen! The German team with Ricco Groß, Peter Sendel, Sven Fischer and Frank Luck won silver, because Frank Luck managed to overtake Frenchmen Raphael Poiree on the last leg. Congratulations!


Katrin Apel, Uschi Disl, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm won Olympic Relay! The German women won their final competition at this year's olympics. Katrin Apel had a bit of bad luck in her standing, she a one penalty and hope for gold faded away for a while. But Uschi Disl skied very fast, shot well and managed to take the lead, Andrea Henkel and Kati Wilhelm held the lead. Congratulations to Katrin, Uschi, Andrea and Kati! Norway came in second, Russia third.


Gold and Silver for Kati Wilhelm and Uschi Disl. Congratulations for two gold and one silver medals for the female German biathletes. Andrea Henkel won gold in the individual competiton on monday, Kati Wilhelm (gold) and Uschi Disl (silver) were the winners of the sprint competition.


Kati Wilhelm vice olympic champion in pursuit competition! It was an extremly thrilling pursuit race, where Olga Pyleva (RUS) came in first before Kati Wilhelm (GER) and Irina Nikoultchina (BUL).
Ole Einar Björdalen is the overall biathlon champion, he won his third gold medal in this years Olympics. Congratulations! And congratulations to Ricco Groß (GER) and Raphael Poiree (FRA), who finally managed to get a medal.


Sven wins silver medal in the olympic sprint competition
Congratulations Sven!
We are over the moon about that!
And congratulations to Ole Einar Björndalen for his second gold medal at these Olympics. Ricco Groß had one miss and missed a medal once more, because Austria's Wolfgang Perner came in 0.2 seconds before Ricco. Michael Greis had a great first competition at this first Olympic Games. He came in 15th, Frank Luck, who won silver in the individual competition was 29th. We are now looking forward to a thrilling pursuit competition on saturday.


Gold and Silver for Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm and Uschi Disl
Congratulations for two gold and one silver medals for the female German biathletes. Andrea Henkel won gold in the individual competiton on monday, Kati Wilhelm (gold) and Uschi Disl (silver) were the winners of the sprint competition.


Frank Luck won the Individual competition in Osrblie, 0,7 seconds ahead of Sven Fischer. Sven had a great race. Congratulations to him because of his first 46 world cup points of the season and the qualification for the Olympics in Salt Lake City! Frank Luck wears the yellow bin again!  

07.01.2002 Following atlethes will start in Oberhof: Men: Sven Fischer Ricco Groß, Carsten Heymann, Frank Luck, Peter Sendel, Jörn Wollschläger and Ali Wolf. Women: Katrin Apel, Katja Beer, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Janet Klein, Kati Wilhelm and Martina Zeller. Andrea Henkel, actually the 2nd in Worldcup is ill and can't start in Oberhof.
15.12.2001 Results of the men's relay: 1. Austria, 2. Belarus, 3. Norway. Germany's anchor man Marco Morgenstern couldn't finish the race -  but Sven was great!
14.12.2001 A powerful German foursome combined excellent cross country skiing with accurate shooting Friday to dominate a women’s 4 x 7.5-kilometer Biathlon World Cup relay. It was their second victory of the season
13.12.2001 Inividual today won Pawel Rostovtsev before Ilmars Bricis and Vincent Defrasne. Best German Athlet was Frank Luck on 7th Position. Sven was 64th. The worst Position since 5 years. We coundn't expect much more because of his illnes. Best wishes to him. Fore the lastest results click here.
12.12.2001 For the most important results of Pokljuka click here.
09.12.2001 For the most important results of Hochfilzen click here.
29.11.2001 Great events cast their shadows before and so do the Olympic Games. Propably the Norwegians won't start in Osrblie, the French won't in Oberhof and the Germans won't in Antholz. There will be special preperations for the Games in Salt Lake City during these times for the teams mentioned above.

The pool of German athletes for the first Worldcup race of the season is fixed by now. 
Men: Sven Fischer, Frank Luck, Peter Sendel, Carsten Heymann, Marco Morgenstern, Ricco Groß und Michael Greis. 
Katrin Apel, Andrea Henkel, Janet Klein, Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Kati Wilhelm und Martina Zellner.
The German women had internal test races at the end of their training camp in Meraker (Norway). Winners were Andrea Henkel and Martina Glagow. Their trainer Uwe Müssiggang said: " They did not win just because of their good shooting, but both of them improved in running aswell."

The men's preperation for Hochfilzen is likely to take place in Ruhpolding. Sven Fischer, Frank Luck and Peter Sendel have recovered from the cold they caught in Vuokatti, there ist enough snow in Hochfilzen – everything is ready for the coming Worldcup season.

21.11.2001 In order to upvalue the Biathlon-Trophy, the organizers of the ORA decided to top up the prizes for the winners.
06.11.2001 If you want to have a look inside the tunnel of Vuokatti, where the German team is training at the moment, click here. The webcam takes a picture every 30 seconds, so possibly you have to reload the page in order to see the latest picture!
01.11.2001 The German biathlon trainers Frank Ullrich and Uwe Müßiggang took a mid-term review before the saison starts. This is what Frank Ullrich said about Sven: "Sven Fischer couldn't participate in the training camp on the glacier of Schnalstal. Until then he did very well in running, which is quite encouraging in view of the Olympics. But at the moment it is most important for him that his health becomes stabilized, so he can catch upwith the team."
29.10.2001 The German biathlon team will go to a training camp in Vuokatti (Finland) from November 5th - 23rd.
22.10.2001 Kati Wilhelm was elected Thuringia's "Sportswoman of 2001" and Sven was awarded the "Goldener Ski" for being the most sucessful German biathlete of the year.
08.10.2001 The German biathlets will be on a high altitude trainingcamp from Oktober 09th to 19th , but Sven Fischer, Peter Sendel and Carsten Heymann cannot participate. Sven and Peter are ill and Carsten has an injured arm.
02.10.2001 Carsten Heymann, who had just recovered from the rupture of the crucial ligament in his left knee suffers from injury again. He fell in his house and sustained an injury in the radius of his right arm. Despite the arm was put in plaster, he is able to do at least a restricted training.
26.09.2001 In the future the German Championships in Biathlon might always take place in the summertime. The positive effects would be: less time pressure during winter, no anxious waiting for snow und a biathlon highlight beyond the winter season.
25.09.2001 After the German Championships in Oberhof, the German biathlons trainers Uwe Müssiggang and Frank Ullrich announced which athlets will start in the worldcup-team next season.
Women: Uschi Disl, Martina Glagow, Martina Zellner, Simone Denkinger, Kati Wilhelm, Janet Klein, Andrea Henkel, Katrin Apel
Men: Peter Sendel, Sven Fischer, Frank Luck, Ricco Groß, Michael Greis, Marco Morgenstern, Carsten Heymann
23.09.2001 Results of the German Championships in Oberhof:
Individual competition:
1. Peter Sendel /1. Martina Glagow
2. Rene Gerth /2. Martina Zellner
3. Sven Fischer/ 3. Simone Denkinger

1. Jörn Wollschläger/ 1. Janet Klein
2. Carsten Heymann/ 2. Kati Wilhelm
3. Ricco Groß/ 3. Uschi Disl
(6. Sven Fischer)

1. Peter Sendel/ 1. Kati Wilhelm
2. Jörn Wollschläger/ 2. Martina Glagow
3. Carsten Heymann/ 3. Uschi Disl
(8. Sven Fischer)

(Sven was unlucky. Shortly after the start, one of his poles broke and he had to finish the competition with an unfamiliar pole, because he uses different ones than the rest of the athlets)

1.Thuringia I/ 1. Thuringia I:
Jörn Wollschläger, Sven Fischer, Peter Sendel/ Katrin Apel, Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm
2. Bavaria I/ 2. Saxony I:
Andi Birnbacher, Andi Stizl, Ricco Groß/ Katja Beer, Peggy Wagenführ, Ina Menzel
3. Saxony I/ 3. Thuringia II:
Marco Morgenstern, Rene Gerth, Carsten Heymann/ Sabrina Buchholz, Janet Klein, Jenny Adler

19.09.2001 The German summer championships in biathlon started today with the 15k for women.
Martina Glagow shot clean and won ahead of Martina Zellner and Simone Denkinger.
Then fastest skiers were Simone Denkinger followed by Kati Wilhelm and Martina Zellner.
1. Martina Glagow (Mittenwald) 42:43,4 Minuten (0 Strafminuten)
2. Martina Zellner (Hammer) 44:29,5 (2)
3. Simone Denkinger (Gosheim) 45:28,2 (4)
4. Ina Menzel (Dippoldiswalde) 46:12,7 (2)
5. Kati Wilhelm (Zella-Mehlis) 49:26,9 (7)
6. Yvonne Forberger (Altenberg) 49:32,7 (1)
7. Sabrina Buchholz (Oberhof) 49:36,6 (3)
8. Peggy Wagenführ (Altenberg) 50:04,1 (7)
19.09.2001 Peter Sendel won today's 20k summer biathlon in the German championships. He was followed by surprise skier Rene Gerth and Sven Fischer. Ricco Gross was 8th. Sven Fischer was the fastest skier but shot 4 misses, Sendel had 2 misses.
1. Peter Sendel 51:26,4 (2)
2. Rene Gerth + 47,9 (2)
3. Sven Fischer +1.11,0 (4)
4. Jörn Wollschläger +3.02,8 (5)
5. Hansi Stöckl +3.09.0 (2)
6. Norman Köhler +3.16.5 (4)
7. Michael Greis +3.19,1 (5)
8. Ricco Gross +3.20.2 (6)
17.09.2001 Despite the German biathlon championships being postponed until next week, the German women did run a 10 km test race in Ruhpolding August 14th 2001. The race was won by Uschi Disl ahead of Ina Menzel und Martina Zellner.
13.09.2001 The men's and women's individual competitions of the German championships will take place at Oberhof (September 19th 2001) instead of Ruhpolding.
12.09.2001 Due to the terrorist attacks in the USA, the German championships in Ruhpolding (indiviudal competitions) on August 14th 2001 have been canceled. The competitions in Oberhof, one weekend later, will take place.
11.09.2001 The German championships in Ruhpolding (14.09.2001) and Oberhof (21.-23.09.2001) will take place with international participation. The national teams of Switzerland, Austria und Slovakia - and Raphael Poirée and Magdalena Forsberg! – will start in addition to the Germans.
10.09.2001 As reported on August 31st, the German teams returned well and without any health problems from Belmeken's high altitude trainingcamp. A own cook helped feeling comfortable there. By the way: Sven won the internal 15km competition! "These three weeks were the hardest of the whole year", Sven said after his return to his hometown Schmalkalden. 
05.09.2001 The Norwegian biathlete Frode Andresen plans to start in ski cross country as well as in biathlon at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City 2002.
31.08.2001 After three weeks in Belmeken's high altitude training camp, the German men- and womenteams will return to Germany this weekend to continue training in their home training centers.
27.08.2001 Russian Sergej Tchepikov, who was very succesful between 1986 and 1994 (won several medals in worldchampionships and Olympic Games), seems to have his comeback next saison. He wants to start at the Olympic Games 2002 in Salt Lake City, maybe both in biathlon and cross-country.
26.08.2001 This summer, 80% of all biathlon-teams will get through high altitude training in Belmeken (Bulgaria). On 18th and 19th of August the Bulgarian Federation organized Sprint and Pursuit Competitions. The teams fo RUS, BLR, CZE, SLO, BUL and UKR took part in the competitions. The Russians turned out to be the dominating team in Belmeken.


Sprint Men

  1. Sergej Russinov (RUS)
  2. Viktor Maigurov (RUS)
  3. Alexander Siman (BLR)

Pursuit Men

  1. Sergej Rozhkov (RUS)
  2. Michail Kotchkine (RUS)
  3. Viktor Maigorov (RUS)

Sprint Women

  1. Anna Bogali (RUS)
  2. Olga Pyleva (RUS)
  3. Olena Zubrilova (UKR)

Pursuit Women

  1. Olena Zubrilova (UKR)
  2. Anna Bogali (RUS)
  3. Olga Pyleva (RUS)

The Czech Zdenek Vitek was the unlucky fellow of the weekend. He fell during the warming-up before the competition and broke his forearm. Therefor we won’t be able to train for the next 2 months.

20.08.2001 The "Tour of Hope" under the patronage of Petra Behle ended 18th August. A record was set in the amount of donations collected by the participants of the tour: more than 1.700.000 DM will be of benefit to children with cancer.
15.08.2001 On August 13th Germany's men's team started a high-altitude training-camp in Bulgaria. They'll stay there till August 31st.
13.08.2001 This years "Tour of Hope" under the patronage of former biathlete Petra Behle starts 15th August 2001 in Giessen (Germany) in aid of children with cancer. Approximately 150 German public figures will collect donations in support of cancer research during their four days bicycle-tour.
02.07.2001 There are no news at the moment
29.06.2001 As www.wintersport.as reported earlier this week, the leading Italian biathlete Rene Cattarinussi has been officially kicked off the national team.
The story from Tuesday:
Rumors from Italy indicate that the leading male biathlete Rene Cattarinussi is in trouble.
Cattarinussi might have bought medicines based on documents he might have gotten in an inappropriate manner from a (team) doctor.
Catarinussi reportedly is out of the team and under investigation.